Jan. 4th, 2005

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So, I've had Bollywood music in my head since Saturday, thanks to Kal Ho Naa Ho, the movie that Gamanda and Maya were playing.
I've now bought the soundtrack.
And I'm considering buying the movie, simply because I'm fascinated by Indian dance forms - they even infect the hip hop styles!

I was a good girl last night and did NOT go out to see The Life Aquatic with Lucyruthe. Instead I stayed home and laid around on the futon couch, gathering my strength for the eventual leap to bed. And I finished "Perdido Street Station" which I liked alot. But it made for weird dreams.

Actually, Bollywood + Perdido Street Station = just stay awake and spare yourself.

Today I have googled about Bollywood movies, Farah Khan (choreographer/director to most of the major Bollywood newer stuff - and also to "Bollywood Dreams" which is a West End Musical), Indian dance schools here in Minneapolis, and Punjabi music.

I haven't really sat down and done my year planning. Monte and I need to do that - our financial, vacation, house habit planning for the year.
I do know that there needs to be more singing and dancing in 2005.
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Frost: what's the what with the set design? I have a production meeting tomorrow (Wed) night and I'd like a sketch or somethin'.

Ethel: We need to find a Saturday-to-Sunday overnight to do that movie-catch-up thing.

Downtowners: Haven't forgotten about lunch dates, just haven't gotten motivated to schedule some!
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The IMDB Top 250.
What I've seen is bolded...Movies! )

Of the top 100, I have missed 17. Hm. I should fix that.


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