Jan. 6th, 2005

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Another entry in the "I can't be bothered" department:

I mentioned "Into the Woods" in passing last night (I was joking about how we could reuse the forest backdrop for that show).

Dorkazoid's immediate response: That show is "too big".

Number one, I was joking. Number two, and just from a directing point of view, the kids aren't capable of handling it vocally.
But most importantly, try thinking OUTSIDE the box, you dweeb! I've seen other high school's pull off the tech aspects rather admirably, on smaller stages. Is there anything you would get excited about doing, or is everything an inconvenience??
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Gonzales, Mr. "The Geneva Conventions are quaint and out-of-date", started his association with Bush back in Texas.

Where one of his tasks was to prepare the legal briefs summarizing the cases of people on death row, so that Governor Dubya could review and decide whether to execute.

Need I remind you that the Gonzales-Dubya one-two-punch resulted in only one person being given clemency. Out of about 170.
A biased article from liberal hotbed Salon.com does a nice job of laying out specific case details that will horrify you.

Because what you want in a state with a horrid judicial system (like Texas) is Dubya as your "last chance".


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