Jan. 12th, 2005

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Okay, so the 24-party was totally fun last weekend. Like a mini-convention. Mini-mini. I ate way too much food. There was much speculation and exclaiming at the screen. And it will take a while for my driving to recover a more sedate methodology. I also feel a need to answer my cellphone with only my last name and to sign off by saying, "I'm on it." I was pretty much the only female there, which made me start questioning my level of geekiness as I was surrounded by some of the biggest geeks I know (Scrimshaws and Rex boys and TonyK, oh my!).

I adore Chloe. "Okay, but your tone of voice isn't a morale booster." Hah!

So, that was Friday night through early Sunday morning. Some sleep (less than I wanted) and I was up and out the door to a directors meeting. Then back to the house where, rather than returning for Movie Night, I did the sensible thing and sat down and did "Crucible" prep work.

Monday night, we did the read-through and all the admin stuff. And we started blocking last night and discussions on character.

The kids had a meeting with the theatre coordinator yesterday about Techtard. They got the impression that she was very motivated to make a change, at the very least in his attitude. So, yay for that. I'm glad that groundwork has been laid, cuz I'm about to go in swinging to get the set I want built.

I have Friday night off of rehearsal due to school conflicts. Monte and I were going to have friends of his over for dinner, but they are unavailable. So, now I have a free night. Crazy! Anybody doing anything??
I also have Monday off of work AND no rehearsal that night. There's a billion things I could do. We'll see what I end up doing.

Right now, I'm going to go eat my sandwich and block Act One of the Crucible. Yes, I had weeks to plan and do this. Procrastination is fun!

So, I've been asked recently about the housewarming. I think we're aiming for March right now. So, brace yourselves, cuz it might actually happen this time. If I set the deadline, perhaps I will finally succeed in finishing some of the home projects like:
- repainting the kitchen
- patching the hole in the wall in the bathroom which will then require
+ retiling (just the 2'x2' area where the hole is)
+ regrouting
+ installing a proper shower curtain rod
+ hopefully a new tub faucet too
- getting the piano tuned
- painting the closet and/or figuring out a door (much lower on the priority list)
- getting all the costumes back to their proper homes so they are off my porch!!
- getting the last of the boxes out too
- and the CONvergence bin that should go back to the office
- hang the door to my work room back up, and maybe paint it. Maybe.

And then there's the general tidying and organization that needs to occur.

Other projects that should eventually occur:
- install new ceiling fan in kitchen
- install new ceiling fan in Monte's work room


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