Jan. 14th, 2005

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I just barely managed to get the blocking done before rehearsal last night. I finished up the last page right before the bus pulled up next to my car (I do a weird park-n-ride thing on rehearsal nights).

Working through it last night was mostly painless. The kids were spastic, but I love that about them. We all ranted about how terrible "Phantom of the Opera" was (they look up to me so I can mold their young minds to the proper viewpoint! Mwahaha!). I've been recommending they watch "The Majestic" for a look at the HUAC and the time-period that inspired Arthur Miller to write the play.

Already in just a blocking rehearsal, there was some nice intensity building and good flow. Of course, Dan (Rev. Parris, who was also "Tood Darn Hot" in KMK) is just a spacey freak. He doesn't pay attention when it's not his moment, so he's late when it IS his moment. And he delivered this one line in a completely ... weird way. I figured he was just goofing around, but he did it three times in a row. Now, I knew he was just being silly, but I decided to tweak him anyway. I went up and asked him, "Dan, is that how you're really going to say that line?!" He was all excuses and "No, I was playing around and I'm tired and ..." And I said, "Look, it's blocking rehearsal and nobody's doing it 100%, but you did it that way three times in a row and then I start to worry that you can't act!"

And then I grinned a little evil grin. Dan takes himself way too seriously. I need him to recognize when I'm yanking his chain.

I use big words when I talk to the kids (last night I used "histrionics"). And then I make them figure out what I meant. Sometimes I'll give them the meaning, sometimes I'll clarify through context. But I'm not gonna dumb down my vocabulary for them.

Poor Melissa, my assistant director, doesn't have alot to do yet. And she's heard the character-prep speech three times this week.

And I scored more points for having met Vin Diesel. I'm the coolest person ever. (One of the kids was complaining that they were making a movie of "Guys and Dolls" with Vin Diesel and I said that I'd heard that Vin Diesel is the driving force behind the project because he loves the musical, and besides he's a nice guy - I met him.)

Tonight is dinner out with Redbird&Co. Tomorrow is busybusy. Sunday is less so. I'm thinking I will go buy some polar fleece to make quick curtains out of - we've plasticked the windows, but it's coldcoldcold and it seeps through, precious. It doesss.

Over lunch, I am going to spend my Borders gift card. And eat. I may buy the "Eating for Life" cookbook. Monte and I are going to start that up next week. I'm trying to get myself into the mindset of something so rigorous and regimented. Mostly, I'm trying to make sure that I adopt a mindset of making it work for me, instead of feeling like a failure at the least slip. It's about lifestyle modification.

But man, I need my clothes to fit again. Not to mention that drag queen pageant coming up at the end of February!


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