Jan. 20th, 2005

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1. "Doncha...all the...my dad." Singin' in the Rain - from the fabulous number "Make 'Em Laugh" sung and danced by the largely forgotten yet amazing Donald O'Connor. Petsnakereggie got it right first. (Probably because he hears me sing it incessantly.)

2. "They mostly come out at night. Mostly." Aliens. As Davedujour called it, a chilling line delivered by Newt. (Who remembers Newt's real name? Hunh??)

3. "She'll jump." The Court Jester - a really obscure yet hilariously-delivered line from Danny Kaye. Lucyruthe gets first dibs here.

4. "...and dream of large women." The Princess Bride. Somewhat obvious, but I love the line. As does FairOriana.

5. "Oh, you mean DOGS. Yeah, I like DOGS." Snatch - not nearly as funny without the accent. Gingerpook called it first.

6. "I didn't see you." "Your aim would suggest otherwise." Ever After, a charming piece of fluff. Fayde obviously likes it too!

7. "What you currently have IN YOUR MOUTH is art!" The Iron Giant, the first declaration of brilliance from Brad Bird. Joshuwain obviously loves the junkyard scenes as much as I do.

8. "These guys are about as much fun as a tax audit." The Abyss My faith in my friends is restored by Chebutykin.

9. "The spiders want me to tap dance." HP: Prisoner of Azkaban. I'm surprised not more people jumped on this one, as it was the funniest line in the movie. Hedgiewan agrees.

10. "For a girl who's lived this weekend, it sure doesn't show through all those curls." Thoroughly Modern Millie. I was surprised anybody got this one, as it's from a little known movie musical. Fayde and I were clearly damaged in the same ways as children.
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The depression has lifted, so yeah - we'll put that firmly on the hormones.
Rehearsal was fine. I'm not too excited about the blocking I have in Act One right now, but we'll leave it be and see how it runs. If it continues to not look good, we'll change it. We have time.

I need to figure out the costume design so we can get cracking on that.

I need to do some research into the Fringe Waiting List. Our show is #65 on the list. Last year, #58 got in. Ari Hoptman is lower than us on the waiting list! Crazy! I wonder if they'll actually stick to the list when putting in shows - especially with sure-fire-hits like Ari.
But I need to know exactly what the procedures are for being on the waiting list. When you're notified, things like that. So, I'll do that today or tomorrow.

I'm reading "Wicked", about a third of the way through and it's interesting. Of course, I've never read the Oz books - I bet I'd be getting more out of it if I had.

Tonight, Monte and I do our life planning session. And maybe watch a movie. We could go out...or watch one of ours...or rent one...

Tomorrow, rehearsal again. Saturday is movies at Cheb's. Sunday is the Election/Concom Meeting. Full weekend again.
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1. "I guess we're not nice to know."

2. "The house was born bad." Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin for correcting me on this. (I think I got confused because there's this other line: "It was an evil house from the beginning.") Cheb also correctly called it, obviously. It's from the 1963 The Haunting which you should definitely see if you like haunted house movies.

3. "Ears to hear with." "Or fly with."

4. "You're more like my great great great great great..." Emperor's New Groove, called by [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain

5. "Don't worry. They're lemon." Monsters, Inc. called by [livejournal.com profile] hedgiewan. Love the Yeti!!

6. "Your eyes, your lips, your hands, your knees, your calves..." The Court Jester, again. And again, [livejournal.com profile] lucyruthe

7. "Whatever happened to 'we rape, we pillage'?"

8. "Well, bon voyage."

Silly points if you can name the movie this line comes from: "Be afraid. Be very afraid." [livejournal.com profile] joshuwain was first, although [livejournal.com profile] chebutykin also chimed in with the right answer. The Fly (remake)

I'll give it a bit and then I'll start giving hints.


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