Jan. 24th, 2005

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My life, in a nutshell )

And today: Monte and I started "Body for Life" in earnest. I weighed myself: 155 lbs. (Good lord! I'm only Five-Foot-Tall - that's alot of fluff on my frame!) I need to remember that nature rewards you for getting up way too early to do un-fun stuff in the form of endorphins. Yessss! So, we exercised, officially. And then I played some DDR as a treat to myself. And I got to work on time even.

Now, I will do a bit of work-work. And I will eat a sandwich. And read "Master and Commander". And then have rehearsal tonight.

I am looking forward to Rodgercon, although I am trying to plan ahead on how to control the eating factor. Also, I'm wondering if I can bring my DDR with. They Super-Smash it all over the place, but what about those of us who have other Playstation favorites, eh?

In other news, I finished "Wicked" and (sorry, Morgan LaFey) was unimpressed. The ending just felt abrupt and oddly like it petered out. I thought it was saying alot of good things, but quit being so damned coy about "what it means" and just tell the story. Too many pretentious authors who won't just tell me the story.

I think I prefer the plot to the musical version, frankly. It makes the same points, but isn't afraid to make them concisely. (The plot as told to me by Paul, because I haven't yet gotten to see the show.)
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I took a personality test and I found out that I am

85% Extroverted (pick up your jaws, people)
26% Friendly (I hate you all anyway!)
51% Orderly (I organize my rehearsal schedule, but my laundry stays on the floor.)
75% Emotionally Stable (So I may not like you, but at least you don't have to put up with melodramatics.)
73% Openminded (Which, according to their chart, apparently means willing to let other people live their own lives.)


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