Feb. 7th, 2005

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I'm in a definite funk. It's lightened by periods of perkiness, but I'm starting to realize that this is a pattern of more than a few days. My default setting has been set to low-lying stress and depression. It's like stealth blues.

And I'm a bit surprised at it, even though when I give it concrete thought it makes perfect sense. I live at a constant pace of "highly active". Why am I surprised when I turn up a bit burnt out?

I know part of it is that so many of the things I do require me to be the leader and instigator - and it's tiring to be the one in charge and the one responsible for making sure shit gets done. I'm looking forward to being in a show where all I need to do is show up and learn my part. That'll be a relief!

I suck at delegation, of course, so this is largely my own fault. Of course, it's aided and abetted by how many times I ask for assistance only to have it never come through. Monte's been a bit of a let-down on this lately (in the small-scale forgetting to bring stuff home that I ask him for and he knows we need), but at the same time I look at all my little failures and shrug it off as Life. We're both feeling overextended.

I need to:
- replace Parris and get the new actor up-to-speed
- get the show in good shape in two weeks, before Tech Week (we open in three weeks)
- costumes, as usual (Monte is becoming increasingly bitter about me being director AND main costumer)
- CVG admin stuff of various and routine natures
- CVG costuming fast approaching
- Financial stuff that I've procrastinated on and I feel like a worm about it
- Grad school info gathering
- House stuff: cleaning and minor house projects
- Bart's pageant number (but that's done in two weeks)
- pick out some songs to sing with Judith next Thursday night
- clean up and get my work room in order because it's so damned cluttered I can't get anything DONE!
- keep up with all my friends somehow
- to do the Spring Scenes or not to do them?
- put myself forward for teaching position at Stillwater again?
- If I don't do the Spring Scenes, do I do the choreography for the Actor's Theatre? (it would pay)
- the wedding album will be done soon
- are we taking that trip to DC? If so, when? Memorial Day might be my cousin's wedding...
- actual work here at work
- do I want to go to Anime Detour?
- the part where I love my husband and spend time with him

I think I need more spoons.
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This Sunday (the 13th) is my Birthday! Happy birthday to me, almost.

Saturday night, I'm being feted by the in-laws in conjunction with my youngest brother-in-law's birthday (he's a Feb. baby too).
And then Sunday night, I get the coveted Wick Movie Night Birthday Pick!

Also in the works for the weekend:
- an information session on grad school/licensure at Augsburg at 9am on Saturday morning
- a voice lesson on Saturday afternoon! (A birthday present to myself!!)
- another drag pageant rehearsal on Sunday
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So, I was thinking how a coupla years back I took a day off for my birthday and went and watched movies all day.
I'd do that this year, except that I'd just spend the day sewing or doing other Crucible-projects likely.

So, I think I will wait until after Crucible closes and then take a day for myself. It might end up being a weekend day (which would save on my vacation time) but it might be a weekday. I might even treat myself to a massage or pedicure or something. Crazy.


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