Feb. 9th, 2005

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Boring Grown Up Stuff:

So, Monte and I went to meet up with our financial guy again last night (thanks again, [livejournal.com profile] buccaneer!). We'd been sorta stressed about it because we'd procrastinated on getting stuff done (we got it done, but only because of the deadline) and we hadn't made as much progress on some things as we would've liked.

We were feeling like losers.

And instead, we walked out feeling like winners! Daniel was very complimentary about our progress and frankly impressed with the fact that we had ticked off every one of the "to do's" he'd given us - or at least made the initial effort to get things rolling. Things like attorney-in-fact, durable power of attorney, wills, 401(k) allocations, etc.

He winced when we talked about me going to grad school but was completely supportive of the idea that having a job you enjoy is a debt-worthy goal.

And best news of all, he thinks getting an equity line of credit to consolidate some of our consumer credit is a great idea. We'd been thinking about it for a while, but wondered if it wasn't too soon, the wrong move, etc.

So now we have another to-do list and another deadline. We'll probably start working on these to-dos...months from now, if our record is any indication.

Other things on my plate:
- sewing of costumes
- learning of choreography for the drag pageant
- directing these kids to good performances (right now we need PASSION)
- my birthday!
- a voice lesson!
- trying to figure out what is up with the grad school info session at Augsburg. I thought it was this Saturday but it might be next and that's no good.
- Board Retreat coming up! Woot!
- singing with Judith next week!

In other news, we're in week 3 of Body-for-Life. I'm doing better about eating as much as I should (speaking of, I should go eat once I'm done with this). My enthusiasm for this "diet" has been improved by getting the BFL cookbook which gives great recipes that also spur some creative choices of my own. (If one of the recipes is tuna blended with low-fat cream cheese as a veggie dip, why not make a tuna sandwich with low-fat cream cheese as the "mayo" on it?) I've been exercising regularly. But the most important part and the part that I'm really trying to code into my brain is "lifestyle". I didn't get my workout in yesterday. I missed one of my meals. I went several days living on Pepsi and crackers (no time to get groceries). But you just start over the next day. It's not failure - it's life.

Now, I need to figure out my movie pick for Sunday night! I've been leaning towards "Xanadu" out of silliness, but now I'm thinking "The 5 Obstructions" might be interesting.
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They're doing construction on one of the floors of the office, so they've laid down plastic coating on the carpet.

It makes me think of poolside at CONvergence.

And suddenly I desperately want it to be July.

In other news, a law firm in New York has suddenly decided to bill my company fees from over a year ago because of a screw-up on their part.
(It's even more complex than that, but we'll leave it there.)

I'm feeling sort of motivated this afternoon, so off I go again.

Oh - and I picked my movie night pick. Kismet - the MGM musical starring that handsome devil with the fantastic voice Howard Keel. Music inspired by themes of Borodin. Aw, yeah!


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