Feb. 14th, 2005

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Recounting the weekend highlights.

Friday, I took the day off so I could get sewing stuff done. And I did. Score points for me. Then rehearsal went really well (I had them simply stand and move and hold the scripts and really interact with each other. It also gave me a chance to stop and start with them and ask questions like "What are you saying?" "Do you know what that word means?" or even give simple direction "this is starting the build towards the peak point on the next page." Doing it like that made it immediate. Hopefully it will stick.) So, more point to me on my cleverness.

And then I managed to finally get the St. Kate's costumes dropped off. Double points to me! Carolann joked that it was nice of me to do her costume pull for St. Kate's production of Kiss Me, Kate!

Home, and Monte and I watched "A Close Shave" and drank wine and went to bed.

Color me productive! I scored many points on Saturday.
- I finally re-organized the upstairs hall bookshelf and got rid of the last boxes in the hallway. Yay!
- I cleaned the upstairs bathroom
- We turned off the water to the leaky faucet upstairs.
- We got things hung in the upstairs hallway!
- I picked out my dress for the drag pageant
- had a voice lesson
- picked up the video of "Kismet"
- and some wine for celebratory purposes!

We then went over for birthday celebrations at the in-laws. Drew's birthday is just before mine, so it was a double birthday celebration. Mostly comfortable, and some good gifts (an Amazon gift certificate! They can be taught!). One awkward moment when Monte's mom hugged me goodbye and said, "I love you." *rolls eyes* I'm not going to say it back unless I mean it, and I may never mean it. She seemed disappointed when I didn't respond in kind, but hello? That is the worst sort of emotional blackmail! I wasn't torqued about it, just bemused. I did warn Monte about it later, in case it comes back to haunt us.

Other than that, it was good to see the brothers-in-law, dinner was tasty. We tried to see a movie, but failed in multiple attempts, so we rented. We watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle which made us laugh out loud, repeatedly!

Sunday the Birthday!
A bright early start to the day! Many many people showed up for breakfast!! Like 14 or some crazy ass number! I got zebra toe-socks!! And fantastic cards! It was an awesome start to the day - not even including the fabulous chocolate chip pancakes, which were truly the metaphorical icing on the cake.

Off to drag pageant rehearsal. Then home for bath and opening up the pickle jar and then Monte and I watched The Butterfly Effect which was much better than it had any right to be. We stopped for naan on the way over to Movie Night, after I impulsively picked out ISOBOBS for pre-show goodness.

Oh - sidenote: iMusic will be the death of me. It's totally there for impulse buys! I decided on the spur-of-the-moment that it was a tragedy that I did not own the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The height of disco goodness! I wanted to stop and buy it that day, and Monte said, "We could get it online." Nono! I want it NOW! "No, we can buy it on iTunes." My eyes got THIS big as the implications sank home.

I'm doomed.

I got more loot at Movie Night! Yay! The ISOBOBS stuff went over well. "Kismet" not so much. It's slower paced than I remember, and the movie version sucks much of the lyricism out of the music. But Dolores Gray totally delivers on the vamp. People didn't seem to mind it too much, and hey - it's a movie musical from the golden age of movie musicals! You have to appreciate the past to understand the future! Or something. And Howard Keel was dead sexy, as always. It totally needs to be released on DVD. And a staged-reading by Broadway talent would be awesome!

Hm. Maybe I should've picked "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers". That's certainly got some rousing numbers (and great male dancing!). Of course, there's the unfortunate plot elements...

Oh, well. I still love "Kismet"!

And then we watched the easter egg from ROTK:SEE - the "interview" of Elijah Wood by Dominic Monaghan. Hilarious! "When will you wear wigs?"

All in all, it was quite the terrific birthday. I saw many people, laughed alot, got to share something I love (even as I recognize that it is flawed), and got to sing ABBA and Bee Gees music to impressionable young minds.

Today, I am leaving work a little early so that Monte and I can celebrate Valentine's before rehearsal. We're going to Matt's for Jucy Lucy goodness! After rehearsal, I have another drag pageant rehearsal. Crazy.

It's going to be the wild week. Tonight, chock-full. Tomorrow, rehearsal and then maybe a run through of some music with Judith for a Thursday thing. Wednesday, repeat of tonight (rehearsal, then drag pageant rehearsal). Thursday, early rehearsal, then lounge singing with Judith. Friday, Dry Tech and then the beginning of the board retreat weekend. Oy!

There will be zebra socks at the retreat. There may be stampedes. Fair warning.
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So, I got the Wicked soundtrack for my birthday and promptly listened to it. So good!
Then we bought the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and I loves me some disco goodness!
And now I'm listening to Chebutykin's birthday mix cd. So fantastic!
And I have yet MORE cds to listen to!

Oh, I have an embarrassment of auditory riches!


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