Feb. 16th, 2005

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I'm ... thoughtful these days. In a background-hum sort of way.
I'm also starting to marshall my reserves, because I've looked at the future and it is grim.

I finish Crucible in 2+ weeks. (Yay!) Then I immediately start planning/rehearsing the Spring Scenes for the high school. While simultaneously choreographing "Some Enchanted Evening" for Actor's Theatre of Minnesota. About the time that opens, I start into rehearsals for "Applause", and then about halfway through that, put up the Spring Scenes (only two performances, thank god).

"Applause" performs in June. And then it's July - the whole month of which gets devoted to the convention.

And that's not counting all the costuming that needs to happen. Monte costumes, Masquerade costumes, board costumes...

Or the possibility of being in a Fringe Show in August.

Or the part about me starting grad school in the fall.

Or the house projects that I desperately want to get done.

It's sad to think ahead to a time when you can relax and realize it is two seasons away...

Other things:
- I did a phone survey for the state of Minnesota where they asked about my health, mental health, drug use, etc. It was very fun getting asked about drugs I'd never even heard of!
- I got to see Judith last night. Judith was the pianist for all my best shows at BCT and I miss her. I will be singing with her Thursday night. Hmmm...I wonder if she'd ever want to do a cabaret act with me?
- Rehearsals continue usefully. I'm taking tonight and tomorrow to do "clean up". I had sort of an epiphany last night that I do clean-up rehearsals in musicals for problem spots in choreography and blocking...why not fix some of the glaring moments in the same way?? Duh!
- Costumes seem to be fairly under control.
- I'm desperately in love with my husband.
- I'm on hiatus from Body for Life for the next week or so as I get the costumes and other last-minute show stuff done. I tell myself that I need to adapt it to MY lifestyle, and that by doing so I make it more likely that it will become a part of my lifestyle. (Let's face it, I'm not giving up theatre anytime soon.)
- I have a pair of [livejournal.com profile] ethel's shoes in my car.
- I'm looking forward to the Board Retreat this weekend.
- And the drag show Sunday night.

Much to do and a mild interest in doing it!
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Courtesy would go a long way towards making everybody's lives better.

I won't run over you in the crosswalk if you'll be kind enough to hustle your ass as you cross!

Honestly, it takes longer to make a right turn in downtown than it does to make a left! You're lucky if two cars make the turn each cycle!

I think downtown should adopt a rush-hour pedestrian/light plan.
The traffic signal cycle would change to:
North-South traffic goes (pedestrians do not have right of way)
East-West traffic goes (pedestrians do not have right of way)
Pedestrians cross any which way (pedestrians have complete right of way - heck cross the intersection diagonally!)

Seriously, wouldn't this be better? If nobody was in your way, you could still turn, or jaywalk.

See how much better things would be if I ran the planet.
Submit now and spare yourself years of agony.


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