Mar. 4th, 2005

Two to go

Mar. 4th, 2005 11:03 am
windelina: (Columbia)
I'm kinda sad that Frost won't be seeing "The Crucible". I'll have to make sure I send him some pix of the set so he can see how it turned out.

Techtard continues to be awkward. The kids continue to resent him.

We had a prop stolen at some point yesterday - the shiny whiskey flask. Unsurprising that it caught some high school kid's eye. But I'm annoyed. We pack up all the props and put them in the dressing rooms. The dressing rooms should be locked, but I don't have keys. And Josh didn't get to the school till 1pm. And they have other groups using the theatre - in this case, it's a group putting on a "fashion show".

If I were running the zoo, nobody would have access to the dressing rooms during performance weeks. Or we'd have a locked place to put things. But if things were disturbed/went missing - then whatever groups that had been using the space would have reduced privileges. Right now I'm advocating that the fashion show group not get to use the dressing rooms - they can use a classroom since they can't be trusted in the dressing rooms. Doubt it will happen, but that's the kind of petty vindictiveness I advocate.

So, I ran out 20 minutes before showtime and bought another flask. And I took it home with me last night - I have taken personal charge of it.

The show itself was fine. A bit sloppy - lots of stumbling over lines and stammering. Not because of screwing up or forgetting, just mouths not being up to all the verbage. It's harder to watch several performances of "The Crucible" than it is musicals. I find my mind wandering simply because I've seen the show so many times now. And I feel like I'm so enured to it that I can't see the truth of it anymore. Still, people are responding well.

I got the Crucible mix cds done to hand out tonight. We'll see how that goes over.

Much to do in the upcoming weeks. Tomorrow, I have nothing I have to do during the day. Perhaps I will clean, or do some house project, or watch some movies. Who knows?? I do know that I want donuts right now.


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