Mar. 7th, 2005

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Blah blah

Sometimes I'm not interested in my own content.

Do you know what happens when you drink 32 oz of water before leaving for work? You spend the morning peeing.
Fascinating, I know.

Crucible closed out well. I'm very proud of the kids. Techtard exhibited yet more tardishness. I also got to meet the new Mrs. Tard, and she seems a perfect match.
Techtard was trying to tell the kids that they could not go greet their friends and family after Saturday night's show because we needed to start on strike immediately. I overruled him. Then he tried to tell the tech crew the same thing. Again, I overruled him. He and his wife actually watched Saturday's performance (which was very solid) and said not one word to me about it. In fact, his wife said not one word to me at all! Surly is an apt adjective choice.

I then briefly went to the cast party since so many of the kids had asked me. And I told them the Cock Story. They gave me bath stuffs and flowers and Altoids (they know I love the tins).

For my own later remembrance: Friday night was a good show. After the show, I went to see Constantine which was decent and not a complete rape of the story or characters (but oh, for what might have been). I was in the mood for a cheesy-ass movie and I got what I wanted. I also arrived home with a horrid, throbbing-with-the-heartbeat headache.

Saturday, I spent the day organizing my workroom. Well, actually, I spent the day organizing my workroom closet. Yep, it took most of the day. But it's a hella big closet, people! I also cut my hair (I look like a Romulan right now). I tried to run some errands but failed in both of them, so I just headed out to Stillwater.

Slept in a bit. Monte worked in his room, I worked in mine and we listened to the Crucible soundtrack. (Which the kids loved.) I continued unpacking boxes (still boxes! will I never be unpacked?!). And sorting things. And unearthing my computer desk. Then I headed out for Seussical at Heritage which [ profile] wylderwolf was in, as well as about 10 other people I knew. I barely got there in time and barely made it in! A very very cute show with a charming score. And Sean was everywhere in about a billion costumes!

After the show, I went to Target (after narrowly avoiding a ticket, I think). And bought storage units - for cables (we have alot of cables and things) and yet more storage for my sewing supplies. And I need to buy another small one.

After the play, I continued to putter in the room. I found alot of things I'd almost forgotten about! And my workroom - the most packed-full-of-stuff room in the house, the one that most needs organization between the costuming, the plays, the wardrobe, the paperwork, the workroom is almost done! When it is done, then I can truly say that I am living in this house. There will still be moving of stuff around, but not like this. It's a blessing and a curse to have enough room for your shit, do you know that?

Then Drew came over and we watched Fight Club.
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Tonight after work I am going to the library and I am inhaling as many of their plays as I can (or at least getting an idea of what is easily at hand).
I'll check out a few things so I can make copies of scenes.
I'll look at the scores to see what's easily available for musical selections.


For the auditions for the Spring Scenes tomorrow night, of course! I am so crazy.

(I will also check out Trivia Contest books if possible.)

Then I will stop by Target on my way home to get another shelf storage thing for my work room.

And then...who knows what I'll do? Watch a movie, organize the room some more, read...


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