Mar. 8th, 2005

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Last night, I tried to go to the downtown library, but they close at 5pm. (Stupid budget cuts!!) So, I went to the Uptown Walker Library.
I found a fantastic parking spot for free right nearby. It looked small, but I used [ profile] theseamster's parking tip and parallel parked like a rockstar! Assuming rockstar's parallel parked, which is doubtful - but I bet their chauffeurs are good at it!

So, I parallel parked like a rockstar's chauffeur. It was a thing of beauty, I tell you.

I then proceeded to check out many plays at the libary, and failed to find even ONE of the Trivia Contest reading assignments. Gah!

I tried the used bookstore - no luck.

Then I went to Target like I said I would and I bought a storage thingy like I said I would. I also bought Blazing Saddles because we don't own it.

And instead of doing audition planning and prep last night, I finished reading Kingdom Come. I am lame and behind the 8-ball now.

But I woke up this morning (rather late as I didn't want to get up to exercise due to headacheyness) to sunshine pouring in our bedroom window and a cat on either side of me purring.
That makes any day worthwhile right there.
And then my wonderful husband came in and gave me a kiss good morning.

Life can be good.


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