Mar. 11th, 2005

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I said I was a muppet (hey - the recessional at the wedding was the Muppet Show Theme!), and [ profile] davedujour identified my sub-classification: Fraggle.

The Evidence:

Now, I need to actually watch some Fraggle Rock. (I'm at that odd generation that was just barely too old to have seen it. That and we were poor and didn't have cable/pay tv.)

In other News, I have been accepted as a Hot Geek.
Even though I forgot to mention that I love DDR (and have a pathetic adoration for Frogger), dig horror movies, and own the entire series of "The Prisoner" on DVD!
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Sometimes I look at my friends - who are so cool and talented and fun and funky - and I wonder what I offer them in recompense?
And then I remember that I am a Fraggle.

Monte and I, despite mutual grumpiness which dissipated during bedtime snuggling, started on the kitchen last night. There is still much to do, but by the end of the weekend, I have high hopes to have the kitchen finished off!
I want to do the bathroom wall, but honestly - I think I'm feeling more of an urge to get the basement painted before the Housewarming Party than to get the bathroom done. Because hey, the bathroom is at least an oddity and conversation starter.

I have noticed that Monte and I gravitate towards warm, creamy, light coppery colors. The bedroom, the kitchen and the basement are all variations on a theme. Then again, they are variations that work and look good, so fuck off you haters. Besides, my workroom kicks all that aside in its BLUENESS.

I have many things I would like to have done by the Housewarming with the full understanding that none of them have to be done. But it's a convenient motivator, yah.

And now, more for my own organization than your education:

So, things I need to do:
- costuming (6 costumes plus Masquerade entry)
- organize the spring scenes, i.e. cast it, i.e. find a billion scenes to put all these kids in!
- call Augsburg about grad school and set up meeting with advisor
- organize debt towards home equity loan
- meet with wedding photographer to finally finish up last tidbits of business
- get GOT Edutainment up and running again
- make up invite list for Housewarming Party and e-mail/mail out invites...soonish
- CONvergence work, always
- read Trivia Contest books
- finalize Trivia Contest team
- choreograph "Some Enchanted Evening"
- and then jump into rehearsals for "Applause"
- and meet and start plotting out "Jungle Mary Bang Bang"
- continue to exercise, eat better and hopefully lose weight
- home improvement projects

Home improvement projects (not aiming to have these done by any specific time):
- finish painting
- replace ceiling fan
- trim (and sand) cabinet doors and re-attach them
(eventually, just remodel the whole damned thing)
- trim that weird wire that comes from the ceiling
- curtain on the closet? paint the closet?
- finish that last curtain dammit!
- porch swing!!
- fix/replace window screens
- hang something above stairway
- fix bannister
- patch wall where bannister was attached
- replace ceiling fan
- fix/replace window screens
- patch and tile wall
- hang shower curtain rod
- replace tank lid
- replace tank lid
- hang mirror over sink
- paint paint paint
- replace footboards
- curtain for laundry room doorway
- replace light fixtures

Eventually (some of these hopefully this summer)
- replacement window in the bedroom (this is a PRIORITY)
- replacement windows in the living room
- replacement windows in the kitchen (probably gonna wait for the full kitchen remodel, if it ever happens)
- new doors, including latching screen/glass doors on front and back
- US BATH: remove wallpaper and then paint it


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