Mar. 17th, 2005

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I've had this headache in some form or another for three days now. I think I'll move my chiro appointment up (it conflicts with a rehearsal right now anyway).

Yesterday, I left work at 2:30 and went to the downtown library to find plays. Everytime I looked up at the top bookshelves, I'd have a tiny moment of vertigo. Today if I move my head too fast, it's like it takes a moment for my eyes to catch up. Ick. I hate this feeling.

On the plus side, I have a huge totebag full of plays now. On the minus, I really need to get these scenes cast pronto.

Board meeting last night was - while long - relaxed, productive, playful, gossipy. All much good.

Anybody out there actually like painting walls? I kinda do, but I'm having trouble scraping up the motivation to tackle the basement even though I truly do want to.

I'd also like to find a beaded curtain for the doorway between the basement and the laundry room. Where does one find those these days?

Tonight I go out to Stillwater so we can all decide on next year's plays. And perhaps I can get some idea of what next year holds for me in relation to Stillwater. I love being involved, but maybe they could just hire me already?? (Why would they? For $4000 they've gotten two excellent plays. Beats a full-time salary. Dorks.)

Tomorrow night, dinner with Wicks. Then Rachel's bday party.
Saturday, concom meeting with mailing party. Then St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Concert. Then two different parties to make appearances at.
Sunday, Frost is coming over and we're going to play with electricity! And then watch the BSG pilot that night.
And sometime before next Wednesday, I need to choreograph for SEE.

Whee! Gad I'm tired.
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I just noticed - my headache has for the moment abated. I've not done anything or taken anything to vanquish it. But it's nice to not feel vaguely queasy from the pain.
Although turning my head too fast still has a bit of that drunk feeling.

Makes me want to buy some wine and turn that feeling up to 11!

Today's been pretty productive. There's a St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Mpls tonight at 5:30 down Nicollet. Ick. Whatever.

Yes, I'm wearing green today - largely because I like to wear green, I saw the shirt and thought "I haven't worn that in a really long time!"

That's not a bah-humbug on the day. I like the idea of a holiday devoted to green at this point in the winter-grey cycle.


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