Mar. 22nd, 2005

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This is weighing on my mind, because this case creeps me out so much. The legislative and executive branches are ganging up on the judicial trying to force through their preference, even though this has worked its way through the courts for the past 15 years.

But here's something for you: The report made by Terri's court-appointed Guardiam ad Litem

In it, he recounts the history of the case, including the fact that Michael Schiavo was trying to rehabilitate his wife for four years following the heart attack that caused the brain damage. Recreational, occupational, physical therapies. Even an experimental treatment to have a brain stimulator (thalamic) installed in her brain.

And then there's this bit about Terri's family that just creeps me the fuck out:

"Testimony provided by members of the Schindler family included very personal statements about their desire and intention to ensure that Theresa remain alive. Throughout the course of the litigation, deposition and trial testimony by members of the Schindler family voiced the disturbing belief that they would keep Theresa alive at any and all costs. Nearly gruesome examples were given, eliciting agreement by family members that in the event Theresa should contract diabetes and subsequent gangrene in each of her limbs, they would agree to amputate each limb, and would then, were she to be diagnosed with heart disease, perform open heart surgery. There was additional, difficult testimony that appeared to establish that despite the sad and undesirable condition of Theresa, the parents still derived joy from having her alive, even if Theresa might not be at all aware of her environment given the persistent vegetative state. Within the testimony, as part of the hypotheticals presented, Schindler family members stated that even if Theresa had told them of her intention to have artificial nutrition withdrawn, they would not do it. Throughout this painful and difficult trial, the family acknowledged that Theresa was in a diagnosed persistent vegetative state."

Some loving family. *shudder*

And here, from the Guardian ad Litem (Jay Wolfson):
"In the month during which the GAL conducted research, interviews and compiled information, he sought to visit with Theresa as often as possible, sometimes daily, and sometimes, more than once each day. During that time, the GAL was not able to independently determine that there were consistent, repetitive, intentional, reproducible interactive and aware activities. When Theresa's mother and father were asked to join the GAL, there was no success in eliciting specific responses. Hours of observed video tape recordings of Theresa offer little objective insight about her awareness and interactive behaviors. There are instances where she appears to respond specifically to her mother. But these are not repetitive or consistent. There were instances during the GAL's visits, when responses seemed possible, but they were not consistent in any way."

Let her go. It's cruel that she must die of starvation - we wouldn't put our pets down that way. But that's an argument for another day (euthanasia). But just...let her go.

Edit: MORE
"Recent polling data, in outlets from Fox News to the Washington Post, shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans back the position of Michael Schiavo, Terri's husband, that he, and not his wife's parents, should have the final say about removing the feeding tube of his wife, who has been severely brain-damaged and incapacitated for the past 15 years. The polling data seriously undercuts the notion that Americans are deeply divided on the Schiavo case. Yet ever since March 18, when Republicans began their unprecedented push to intervene legislatively in a state court case that had already been heard by 19 judges, the press has all but disregarded the polls.

The Schiavo episode highlights not only how far to the right the GOP-controlled Congress has lunged -- a 2003 Fox News poll found just 2 percent of Americans think the government should decide this type of right-to-die issue -- but also how paralyzed the mainstream press has become in pointing out the obvious: that the GOP leadership often operates well outside the mainstream of America. The press's timidity is important because publicizing the poll results might extend the debate from one that focuses exclusively on a complicated moral and ethical dilemma to one that also examines just how far a radical and powerful group of religious conservatives are willing to go to push their political beliefs on the public. "
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I live in a state of lack-of-motivation it seems. Perhaps I should get a life that interests me more.

Or do some of the things I need to do so the list isn't so overwhelming that it's easier to ignore than do something about.

Last night I did do some choreographing, despite my inclinations against it. I think it's cute. We'll have to see. Of course, I was singing the song in my head all night - that's annoying.
I need to choreograph two more by tomorrow night so that I have enough on tap to take advantage of the full rehearsal time.

I wish Rodgers & Hammerstein music inspired me more.

I also watched part of The Fifth Element and ate some ice cream.


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