Mar. 24th, 2005

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I went to a Catholic College, complete with nuns roaming the campus (they had their own little convent right on campus!).
The nuns loved me - I think because I was shorter than them.

My piano teacher in college was a nun - Sister dela Salle. She was a cranky old coot and a hoot'n'ahalf to be around. I never had to act "good" around her - she loved me just the way I am.

My junior year in college (I think), Good Friday landed on April 1st. Oh, how that tempted me!! But I restrained myself to one simple elegant moment.

During my piano lesson, I turned to Sister and said:

"Did you hear? They cancelled Easter."
She looked at me skeptically.

I continued..."They found the body."

Sister merely shook her head at me (I'm sure she'd heard it all before, being an old coot of many adventures).
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And then, when I did "Godspell" a few years back, we sat around at a cast party one night after a performance, getting drunk on wine, and we proceeded to tell all our fucked-up jokes and stories, and I got into Christ jokes.

My favorite you've already read.

But there's "I can see your house from here"

And "The Feet! The Feet!"

The guy playing Christ in the show was howling with laughter and at the same time horrified - because he just knew he'd be thinking about those jokes the next show while we hung him on the cross.

He never looked at me during a performance again.


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