Mar. 30th, 2005

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The building was really swaying yesterday afternoon. I could hear it creaking and moaning, and then when I got up from my desk - there were little piles of paint chips all down the hall. From where huge cracks had appeared in the walls.

That's never happened before!

I saw [ profile] fayde briefly on the bus this morning as she was getting off. Don't know how I missed her being there. Then again, I'm feeling like crap this morning.
Hi Fayde!

As mentioned, I feel like crap. I have a chiro appointment this morning, which will help. But I just want to sleep. And my stomach feels like it's on fire. The barometric pressure is probably pretty high too. And my period just started. (TMI? Bite me.)
I think I should declare a three-foot do-not-cross perimeter around myself today.
Probably safest for all involved.

Rehearsals are exhausting. 6:30-10pm. It's a long rehearsal. That extra half hour just does something. By 9:30 we're all dopey, logey and flagging. I get home at 10:30 wrung out and exhausted. Luckily, tonight is the last night like that. My next choreographic rehearsal is Saturday afternoon where I will *fingers crossed* finish teaching everything. So, any rehearsals after that will need alot less intense focus.

I am way behind on the Spring Scenes for Stillwater. Dammit.
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I'm wobbling on the fence of just throwing in the towel on this day and going home.
My stomach was feeling better and the cramps had stopped and the chiro made me go crunchy and I was feeling mostly good, although wrung out and sleepy.
And hungry. Definitely hungry.

A bit of fried rice later and my tummy is hurting again.

I can't even summon the energy for a "gah!" Just a rolling of the eyes.

And I've still got choreography to do.

Yeah. Home, I think.


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