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Apr. 8th, 2005 03:09 pm
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Last night out at Stillwater, not only did I hear about Techtard leaving...
not only did I let the kids know I'd prefer "Pajama Game"...

I also got to chat briefly with Dennis Lindsay, the orchestra conductor from KMK.
Dennis is absolutely fantastic. We talked briefly about the musical, he wasn't familiar with it, but then I started listing numbers ("Hernando's Hideaway", "Steam Heat") and he recognized them and was getting all excited.
He's definitely back next year, so at least the budget cuts didn't force something awful to happen.

He's good people.

On the other hand, two of my quite promising sophomore boys (they were both suitors in KMK) are leaving Stillwater to go to the new Ordway performing school for the arts or whatever it's called. Good for them, but dammit! Leaves Stillwater shorter two good male talents - and male talent is hard to come by.

And I also got to chat some with Cheryl, the accompanist, who is always delightful. I look to her to be the "voice of the parent" on the more questionable language choices in scenes and songs. Funnily, she was okay with "son of a bitch" in "Class", but a bit freaked by the very concept of "A Little Priest" from "Sweeney Todd". Actually, it's not funny - it's what you'd want, if you think about it. "Profanity is just a word, but cannibalism used for comedy? That's disturbing!" Of course, that's what Sondheim was going for...


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