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I should note that much improvement happened on the show last week. We went from Imminent Disaster to Uphill Battle rather quickly.

Dave and Frost are Da Men, and much got accomplished on the set in just one week. Imagine if they'd started building a month ago!

The cast - the acting, choreography, lines, etc. - got remarkably better too.

Monte is coming tonight to watch and be "outside eyes" for me.

Sit-sing tomorrow with the orchestra.
Full run-through with orchestra Wednesday.
Thurs and Fri, full run-thrus without orchestra. Major clean-ups.
Saturday, dry tech.

And somewhere in there, a bunch of costumes will get made.

I am still regretting my overload of commitments. Ask me again in a month and I'll be fine, of course.

Other notes:
The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra was amazing and gratifying and satisfying, and Cheb makes a good music companion.
Annie's Parlor was exactly what I was craving and I am glad I was not disappointed after craving it so hard.
I'm gonna be a little overbudget on costumes, but not by much which is amazing considering how much fabric had to be bought.
I really like The American President.
It makes an odd double feature with Jaws.
I barely see Lucyruthe and LHGB these days. Looking forward to the Rex Party in a big way.
Wedding this weekend for one of Monte's old girlfriends.
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Hey [ profile] chebutykin!
Or anybody else who might be interested.

I just had two tickets for the St Paul Chamber Orchestra drop into my lap.
This Saturday at 8pm.

Playing Mozart, Bach, Handel, etc. Num num!

Monte's got inventory that night. Who wants to be my date? We could even do dinner beforehand!!
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Regular exercise
Cook something new once a week
Stretch everyday
Vocalize everyday
Have season tickets to the opera/the Guthrie/the orchestra
Dust, sweep, mop weekly
Set up regular household chore schedule
Regular walks and/or bike rides (preferably with husband)
Have smallish gatherings at our place once a month
Eat more vegetables
Balance cooking at home with eating out
Make eating out an Event
Expand my literary horizons: more books, more comics, more new stuff
Ride to work once a week during nice months
Balance theatre with all of this
Play the piano once a week
More sizeable house project once a month/quarter (like painting a room or reorganizing, not like redecorating a bathroom)
Get papers organized
Sew more often
Dance classes
Voice lessons
Other random classes: pottery, climbing, arial dance, Hindu dance, lecture series
Hm...a regular bookclub would be fun
Go out dancing more than once a year
Dress more for fun than for lazy (fun clothes can still be comfy)
A travel vacation at least once a year
More roadtrips
Better management of socializing (seeing friends more often)
Sing more showtunes when annoyed
Learn to weld
Regular pampering: either smelly girly stuff, or a massage, or a pedicure or something...

List is a work-in-progress. Feel free to offer more ideas! Or to state your own visions.

I am NOT an over-achiever. I am NOT a perfectionist.
Shut up.
Shut. Up.


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