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Well, the kids were spastic last night. Oh, wait - they're pretty much like that every night.

I'm trying not to let the two Dumbunnies really get under my skin. They're always asking questions and they're always stupid questions. Seriously, dangerously, how-do-you-breathe stupid questions.

Singing "Oklahoma" to get their attention continues to work.

Started the evening by working with a few of my leads on vocal stuff: interpretation, dynamics. My Lilli has got a huge break in her middle voice and her voice teacher must be bloody incompetent. She's got the high notes (she pops a lovely high A), but she has no transition ability. It's either full-on chest voice or hooty head voice. We fixed some of it, and I gave her some tips. But I think I might have a private chat with her about her voice teacher and what her voice teacher is telling her to do. If it's directly at odds with what needs to be happening, we've got a problem and I'll probably bluntly tell her to get a new voice teacher.

We worked through "Another Op'nin" - it needs a lot of business to make it work and the kids just aren't thinking up stuff on their own. I need to brainstorm more business. But good heavens! If I have to come up with business that lasts for 8 minutes for each of my almost 40 person cast...they ain't paying me enough. Need to clean up some of the small combinations here.

Worked through "Cantiamo D'Amore" last and boy howdy, do the kids love to do that one. We must have gone through it 15 times. "Can we do it again??" Which pleases me because if they like it that much, they'll have fun with it and it will have alot of energy. Of course, I'm always telling them the song is about drinking and sex, so no wonder they like it.

At the end of the evening, they were all excited to hear I'm in a show next spring. Very cute.

Tonight is more clean up of dance numbers, just like the rest of the week. Whee! I'm becoming more hopeful about my Lois and Bill, but that may just be me getting the right rose-tint on my glasses. *shrug*

I've got one last thing to choreograph and block. I've got costuming to start organizing (I'm ahead of where I was with "Guys and Dolls" though! And I've got about 5 parents who say they sew and want to sew!). And I have the tape of last week's debates to watch. And tonight's debate to cadge from somewhere to watch. And so much planning to do!!

I like autumn.

Currently, I am reading "Ringworld Engineers" which I have not read before. I just finished Heinlein's "The Star Beast" which is an old favorite and very sweet and cute. I am looking forward to November and Omegacon and having free time to visit with people and invite them over and call them randomly for social things...


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