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In the relief category:

The sit-sing with the orchestra went well. The orchestra is SO GOOD. Okay, I'm still scarred from the "Guys & Dolls" orchestra - but they are pretty good. No real intonation problems, just "keep it all together" problems. And when they know the music, it jumps.

The set has progressed rapidly and well! We're about ready to hang pretty much all the flats. The wine vat is done. Need to get the 3 wagons built but we're waiting for castors. Stoopit Menards.

Started fitting bodices last night. They should fly together since I won't be lining them. They won't be pretty on the inside, but I Do Not Care!

In the building stresses category:

Costumes. A lot still needs to be built. I'm concerned about how the parent sewers are doing (need to check in). Still have a lot of costume pieces (for the 40's stuff) to find and I'm running out of time. Also, I need at least two fedoras for HUGE NOGGINS! My god, the head measurement is 25 inches!

This weekend will be insane.

In the random notes category:

I have a huge blister on my thumb from cutting out fabric. (It doesn't actually hurt, but I'm tempted to pop it anyway.)

I need more sleep.

The chipotle was just what the doctor ordered yesterday.

I can almost outsing my full chorus. (Well, to be fair, they weren't really trying. Which is why I wandered over, stood behind them, and belted it out. Suddenly they got much more invested in singing. There were even traces of gusto.)

Anybody out there want to do some simple sewing? (C'mon, you knew it was coming.) We're talking skirts here. Skirts with elastic waistbands. That level of sewing. Simple and easy and you'd get the pieces already cut out.
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Well, as the crises have reared themselves with the play, my angsty disinterest has faded into the background.
I don't have time to bemoan my state when I'm trying to figure out how to get the set built, the costumes made, the kids to do the right dance steps, and keep it all on budget.

I think I am getting really sick of my job here though. Well, not "really sick" but I find myself rolling my eyes more and more.

Even when given something to do, I procrastinate and go read lj instead.

So, news on the theatrical front:
1. Tech person flaked in the most flakiest of fashions. For the past month, damned near nothing has been done to build the sets. They should have been nigh on complete, and instead we're having to shift into Panic Mode. She either calls and cancels set working time because she's "sick" or there's a "meeting she forgot about". On Monday she did show up but she had her new pot-bellied pig (!) in tow and had to take him home right away. (WTF? Why did you bring it in the first place?) And on Tuesday she was a no show without even a call to give a reason. Oyoyoy.

So, Dave is working his ass off. Frost is throwing himself on the grenade. And I'm crossing most of my limbs that everything works out okay.

2. My Lucentio improves every time we run it. But he's constantly gone for one reason or another so we have this problem, see.

3. Lois is also improving, but her physicality is still so tomboyish. Still working on it.

4. Clean movement overall is a problem. Clear choices. No shuffling. No random gestures. And then the opposite effect of them just standing there like statues without responding or reacting to anything. *sigh* High school. *shrug*

5. I have handed off a metric buttload of fabric to parents who sew. Yay!! My sewing load is now approaching very manageable.

There has been improved focus throughout this week as the looming threat of Opening Night approaches. Did a little feel-good thing with the cast last night where we all said one reason we like being in the show. Then I told them to hold on to that one reason because the next two weeks...oy. If I had one more week, I could be totally confident of getting things solid. But ain't that always the way with theatre? "If only I had just one more week."

I miss Monte. I'm ready to have some free time. I'm really looking forward to the orchestra concert. And Omegacon.
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All you RenFest do-ers:

Are you willing to loan me costume pieces for KMK? They'd be well taken care of and returned pristine and clean.

I need anything and everything:
chemises, skirts, bodices, hats, bloomers, aprons
tights, breeches, shirts, vests, doublets, hats
mostly peasant but some courtly stuff needed

Anything you're willing to lend is one less thing I have to find someone to sew.

Please please prettyprettyprettyplease?
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Well, I was cranky, but I'm pretty sure it mostly came out in "crack the whip" let's-get-this done sorts of ways, not "I hate you and I regret having cast you."

The kids are excited by "Too Darn Hot" now. It's always that way with the big numbers - they feel overwhelmed until they realize they know the whole thing.

I'm not sure about the staging choice I made for "We Open in Venice". I'm going to be mulling that one over and possibly revisiting.

I have a buttload to get done this week - should've gotten more done this weekend. I'll be up late tonight and tomorrow. Count on it.

I got in to work on time again today (actually, a half-hour early).

I'm fat, and I don't seem to care for the moment. Except that my clothes don't fit. But I'm still planning on eating Chipotle for lunch.

I ordered DDR Extreme yesterday. Should arrive next week. I won't get to play it till November, of course.

I have a call in to CarolAnn but haven't heard back yet, oddly. She's normally quite prompt. I should try finding her work number.

I called the RenFest costume shop to find out about renting costumes (hoping that they would have a Let's-help-out-schools/non-profits program...hah!). My budget for costumes is $1000. They wanted almost $600 to rent 20 peasant/CKC costumes for one week. I need about 40 for two weeks.
Are they frikkin' kidding me?!? Even the woman at the costume shop that it was ridiculous. I'm not surprised, really. But good lord. Those CKC costumes are shit, especially once they get through a season on angsty teens working food service. Gwoss.

I need to call about dance shoes and tights, try to find the best place for the kids to go.

I'm putting a call out on the MRF Friends list to borrow Fest costumes. Any of youse hereabouts who want to donate pieces, feel free! You can rely on me to take good care of them and return them pristine and clean. (Seriously - ANY pieces. tights, chemises, hats, vests, doublets, bodices...) Mostly peasant, but I do some nicer costumes.

I'll be heading to the MinnOpera garage sale this Saturday.

And there will be sewing. Lots of sewing. I need to get that organized and underway starting next week. (Gives us a full month.)
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This one will be just about how I built the costumes, to get it out of the way.

I'm so clever )
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The mighty convention reporting shall begin.
I really need to start taking notes.

before the convention even began, this is bloody long and costume intensive )


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