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Well, all the scenes have been blocked and all the dances choreographed!! Done!!

Well. Except for:
- need to add in the bit players in two scenes (give them their blocking)
- need to teach the choreography for a small middle part to the four girls in the vat
- need to teach the couples the choreography for the pavane
- need to tweak and simplify choreography here and there
- want to tweak the blocking for one scene so it's better

But see how, technically, I'm done having to make up blocking and choreography??

Yay! *cabbage patch in chair*

The kids were pretty okay last night. Had one "lecture moment" where I nicely asked them to pay attention more often because I don't like getting mad at them. No, that was really my argument: "When I have to constantly get your attention and tell you to shut up, I get frustrated and mad. Please don't make me have to be frustrated." (Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.)

I think there will be some good moments.

We cleaned up two numbers on Tuesday, so we ran them one time through last night to keep cementing things. One of them was "Tom, Dick and Harry" which is a quartet piece and the kids watching really responded well to it, so hopefully it will go over well.

Things to do:
- clear off porch (put things that are on porch properly away)
- wax my dreadies
Things to do this weekend:
- add water to heating system ([ profile] magicmarmot, will you be able to find time to help with this??)
- asked Barb to breakfast on Saturday, we'll see if that happens
- would like to tidy my work room some
- fabric shopping!
- maybe cutting out of stuff if I can
- [ profile] rahna's going away
- [ profile] lexinatrix's housewarming
- 1:30 Saturday meet up at St. Kate's to paw and borrow their costumes
- 1:00 Sunday director's meeting

I like being busy! I'm good at it!
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A pretty good rehearsal last night. Did a lot of clean-up on things.

Lois/Bianca has no body awareness. Holy cow. This is gonna be work. She apparently can't feel how doing a move the (proper) way is more comfortable and therefore correct. I put my feet in a wide second, turned out and squat - trying to demonstrate that if your feet are wide apart and your toes pointed out (and your knees actually follow your toes and bend OUT instead of straight forward or - yike! - in), that this looks better and is, in fact, easier to do.

The accompanist was laughing at how she mangled just doing a PLIE IN SECOND (which is what it is).
Oy oy oy.

I need to get comfortable with my "second leads" not being as good and yet fully commit to making them great. It's an interesting state of mind - acceptance, yet determination. I think they definitely have the capability to grow alot and be - at least - enjoyable to watch. I don't think we're actually going to be painful. Such an adventure!

Chiro appointment over lunch today.

Monte has gone away to KCMO until Friday evening (work sent him. Weird). He will visit with Mum. I will miss him.

I'm in a pretty chipper mood, actually. Feeling pretty on top of most things with the show right now. Learning something new everyday!
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Well, I was cranky, but I'm pretty sure it mostly came out in "crack the whip" let's-get-this done sorts of ways, not "I hate you and I regret having cast you."

The kids are excited by "Too Darn Hot" now. It's always that way with the big numbers - they feel overwhelmed until they realize they know the whole thing.

I'm not sure about the staging choice I made for "We Open in Venice". I'm going to be mulling that one over and possibly revisiting.

I have a buttload to get done this week - should've gotten more done this weekend. I'll be up late tonight and tomorrow. Count on it.

I got in to work on time again today (actually, a half-hour early).

I'm fat, and I don't seem to care for the moment. Except that my clothes don't fit. But I'm still planning on eating Chipotle for lunch.

I ordered DDR Extreme yesterday. Should arrive next week. I won't get to play it till November, of course.

I have a call in to CarolAnn but haven't heard back yet, oddly. She's normally quite prompt. I should try finding her work number.

I called the RenFest costume shop to find out about renting costumes (hoping that they would have a Let's-help-out-schools/non-profits program...hah!). My budget for costumes is $1000. They wanted almost $600 to rent 20 peasant/CKC costumes for one week. I need about 40 for two weeks.
Are they frikkin' kidding me?!? Even the woman at the costume shop that it was ridiculous. I'm not surprised, really. But good lord. Those CKC costumes are shit, especially once they get through a season on angsty teens working food service. Gwoss.

I need to call about dance shoes and tights, try to find the best place for the kids to go.

I'm putting a call out on the MRF Friends list to borrow Fest costumes. Any of youse hereabouts who want to donate pieces, feel free! You can rely on me to take good care of them and return them pristine and clean. (Seriously - ANY pieces. tights, chemises, hats, vests, doublets, bodices...) Mostly peasant, but I do some nicer costumes.

I'll be heading to the MinnOpera garage sale this Saturday.

And there will be sewing. Lots of sewing. I need to get that organized and underway starting next week. (Gives us a full month.)
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I was wildly uninspired last night in my efforts to choreograph "Too Darn Hot". It's odd, too, because the arrangement is spiffy.

So, instead, I read Stephen King short stories, colored my hair, and waxed my dreadies.

And then killed another two hours doing half-hearted, half-assed choreography. Really, just staging. Or staring.

So, I got up toodamnearly this morning and started in. Apparently, my motivation keeps morning hours. Merely walking down the stairs to the basement (I have a whole room just for choreographing!), I had a fun idea. I ended up choreographing 2/3's of it in a bit over an hour (that is fast for me).

And if you're wondering what I do all day at work, today at work I choreographed. It takes repeated bathroom-breaks and abandoned stairwells and a zoned-out faraway look in the eye - but it can be done.

so, it's ready to go for tonight. This weekend, I need to choreograph/stage the remaining numbers in the show in prep for next week:
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
We Open in Venice
Cantiamo D'Amore
Another Op'nin

Of those, only "Cantiamo" is really dancy. The rest are just a lot of staging and movement coordination. If next week stays on schedule, we will have the whole show roughed out (movement wise) in the first three weeks of rehearsal. Giving us three more weeks to workWorkWORK.

Random notes:
- I'll be doing an auditioning workshop with the kids sometime in early November, likely.
- Our housewarming is looking more likely for November at this rate.
- I'm so damned grateful I don't have to figure out a Havana sequence or a Crapshooters Dance. "Too Darn Hot" is big, but not THAT big.
- I'm feeling a lot more positive about the show, obviously.
- After rehearsal, a party at Timmy & Jen's.
- Tomorrow I would like to work on the house. I should choreograph. I have a CVG meeting. Then a trip out to Fest. And the evening possibilities include a birthday party (my hair is newly REDDED), the Ministry of Cultural Warfare show, or dinner wiht the Festies at my favorite Chinese restaurant.
- Sunday includes more choreography, a matinee performance of a friend's show, possibly "Shaun of the Dead".

And I keep thinking about this idea of "living purposefully". It's gaining psychological ground.


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