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I had a nasty headache this morning, but it has receded to the mountaintops waiting for its next chance to storm the battlements.
I have ibu and decongestants manning the walls however. And I'm not afraid to use hot oil and caltrops.

Monte came to watch rehearsal last night. We did a full run thru (minus one number). Even with raggedness, it was only 2.5 hours. Sweet! (I did cut two numbers from the show, so that helps a bit.) It means that this won't be an interminable evening at the theatre.

Monte declared the show "not suck". Obviously ragged, but still fun. When they do it right, downright enjoyable. And just by having a new set of eyes watching, it forced my eyes to look anew and I was both pleased and frustrated with what I saw.
Frustrated: girls who should know the dance well "marking" it or just not knowing it - it's hard to tell. Regardless, the look on the face said "I don't take this seriously."
Pleased: I'm a pretty clever choreographer occasionally.

New thought: I think I am going to cut the reprise of "Always True to You". It just goes on forever and Lois isn't THAT good. Besides, the verses in the reprise aren't as clever. I'll review this afternoon and see.

I gave notes afterward. I'm trying to impart acting lessons in the midst of all this so I gave a brief sermon on "raising the stakes" - on making specific choices onstage, on making what you are doing important. Every character needs a reason - a life-or-death reason - for being there and being involved.
I also told them that they have until next Wednesday night to learn the dances and if I see people who don't know them, I will cut them from the dance number. If they are front and center and don't know it/won't sell it, I will move them. It motivates them. Probably because they know I mean it.
And the best moment of the night was trying to get one of my gangsters to threaten with a fist. I blocked him to threaten the other gangster with his fist, but it's the wimpiest thing I ever saw. During notes, I said,
WINDY: Ben, threaten me. *shakes fist at him*
BEN: *wimpy fist thing vaguely in my direction*
WINDY: No! Be mean! *threatens with scowl*
BEN: *wimpy fist thing even more wimpy than before*
WINDY: Ben, flip me off.
BEN: *startled* What? Really?
WINDY: Yes, flip me off.
BEN: *flips a very aggressive bird*
WINDY: Aha! Do it just like that, only without the finger!!

I was successful in finally getting a decently threatening fist. You just gotta find the right metaphor sometimes.

The set continues rather rapidly to appear. Yay. Sit-sing tonight. I'm anxious and excited to hear the orchestra.

A ton of sewing to do.

Other places of my life are not-so-good right now. I don't have time or energy to spare to address the issues. However, the suckage saps my energy and motivation. Oh, the catch-22 of it all.
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There's a new conspiracy theory wending its way through bloggers as only the best internet rumors do.

Covered in today's Salon, the rumor is:

Bush was wearing a wire during the debates. Specifically, so that he could be fed answers.

The "proof":

See between his shoulder blades?
You have to admit, it is rather odd looking. What in the world would be causing that bulge? It's not like there's a pocket back there. Maybe it's a radar tracker in case Bush gets lost...

The author of the article says that he investigated (cuz even he immediately thought "photoshop") and went to the original footage from C-SPAN and he found the image himself at minute 23.
Questions have been asked, but nobody official is responding.

Now, I will say that this would completely in character for what I believe about this administration: spin over substance.
And it's a well-known trick for on-site reporters, and lord knows the technology is there.

But mostly at this point, I'm amused by it. True or not - I enjoy the idea and that's enough for right now.
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From - Prequels that Should Never Be Made )
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Whilst playing with the latest meme for others, I found some fun pictures.

This one made me think of Cheb:

And I just liked this one:
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1. Think of a word or a phrase that you would use to describe me.
2. Go to Google Image Search (or your preferred inferior search engine) and search for that word.
3. Select the picture you see as the most fitting, and post it or a link as a reply.
4. Do whatever you want to do next.
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Bid to Save Tax Refunds for the Poor Is Blocked
By Jonathan Weisman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 23, 2004; Page A04
"Congressional negotiators beat back efforts yesterday to expand and preserve tax refunds for poor families, even as they added $13 billion in corporate tax breaks to a package of middle-class tax cuts that could come to a vote in the Senate today."

As story in the Strib today about the latest agreement to extent the tax cuts for 5 years WITHOUT FINDING THE FUNDING TO DO IT puts the cost of the tax breaks for poor families at 7 billion. So, 7 billion for the poor was axed but 13 billion for the corporations was okayed.

As the Center for American Progress has pointed out (via this Kos diary <>) getting tough with poor people while letting big business and wealthy people slide is the Bush administration's m.o. "The Bush administration has simultaneously reduced audits of the biggest corporations (many of which finance its political campaigns) while increasing scrutiny of indivduals. More specifically, that increased scrutiny has fallen on the working poor, even as high-income and corporate tax cheating increases," CAP recently reported.

Yep, I'm getting my news from biased sources. And I'm sure the Center for American Progress is partisan too. But what if it were true? Individuals audited more often as the biggest corporate scandals in American history are happening...

To get the bad taste out of your mouth, I offer the Incomparable Daily Show:

JON STEWART: Well Stephen, what do you think is going to happen now at CBS News?

STEPHEN COLBERT, Daily Show Senior Media Correspondent: Jon, there's got to be some accountability. Dan Rather is the head, the commander in chief if you will of his organization. He's someone in the ultimate position of power who made a harmful decision based upon questionable evidence. Then, to make things worse, he stubbornly refused to admit his mistake, choosing instead to stay the course and essentially occupy this story for too long. This man has got to go!

STEWART: Uh ... we're talking about Dan Rather...?

COLBERT: Yes Jon, Dan Rather. CBS is in chaos, it's unsafe, riven by internal rivalries. If you ask me, respected, reputable outsiders need to be brought in to help the rebuilding effort.

STEWART: ... at CBS News?

COLBERT: Yeah, at CBS news! What possible other unrelated situation could my words be equally applicable to?! Now people need to be held accountable. The commander in chief, the vice president, the secretary of defense, the national security adviser -- everyone at CBS News needs to go! Jon, I can tell you, Walter Cronkite is rolling over in his grave.

STEWART: Walter Cronkite is still alive.

COLBERT: Not according to my sources ... at CBS News.
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[ profile] chebutykin posted a while back about a giant centi/millipede and posted a picture.
Someone commented with a link to a giant spider post on (I think). "Put the clock back." was the refrain from that post.

Anybody have the link to the spider post??


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