Well shit

Jul. 9th, 2004 09:24 am
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I'm depressed this morning.

We went over to the house last night to re-key the locks.
And the house had been broken into.

Now the house is empty. Easy target. Nothing for them to take.

But we hadn't even had it ONE DAY.

They broke in a basement window and came in that way. They took the water purifier off the kitchen sink. No other damage done.

So, I took the locks off and went to get them re-keyed but some woman had brought in like twelve sets to re-key and I was impatient and upset, so I just bought new key sets. And we went back and installed them.

So, I need to get the block windows installed ASAP. And look into a security system.

Monte was just furious. I don't think he's ever experienced a break-in of any sort. I'm just depressed and resigned. I hope this isn't some sort of sign. Maybe it's getting it out of the way right at the beginning? After all the burglaries and vandalism the last time I owned a house, I'm twitchy about this.

Nothing to do about it, of course. Except clean and paint and go on as we meant to. Except the block windows will get done before ANYTHING gets moved into the house.


May. 6th, 2004 12:19 pm
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I'm tired.
And stiff, sore, achey (new exercise program).
And worn out from stress.

It's been a helluva week!

Monday we found the home. Tuesday we found out we needed more cash. Wednesday we inspected the home and gave a definitive and final "yes, we'll take it."

Along the way, Monte and I just started this week a new joint exercise program. Already I can tell you that having someone else doing it with me has helped. We're both competitive, so we don't want to miss a day that the other one hasn't. And he's motivated me to get up in the morning once, and I've done it for him once. So, that's nice. Of course, it also means that my woefully out of shape body is very cranky now. In so very many ways. And it means we're more physically tired. Plus stress, plus late nights equals logey Windelina.

We were both experiencing high levels of stress and doubt on Tuesday. It's a big leap (bigger for Monte as it's his first). There are so many things that could go wrong. And he feels less than worthwhile as most of the increased living costs will be covered by me, as I make more money. No manly "I'm the breadwinner" posturing, just upset that he doesn't feel like he's contributing his fair share.

And I was having flashbacks to the first house. Mostly to the constant break-ins at the first house. Also, it was woefully uninsulated so the heat in the winter was expensive and useless. Having a good inspection alleviated the concerns about the latter. And the former? Well, you take your chances no matter where you live, and I think we're managing the risks decently. (I'll be pricing security systems online soon. Don't know that we'll do it for sure, but it's good to know how much it would cost.)

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the inspection (separate post on that) but the results are that it is a solidly made home in good repair. There are things that need to be done, but nothing ugly or dangerous.

A good inspection relieved much of our stress. Also, just being in the place again and able to really look at it (we took pictures too - coming soon!) and visualize our stuff in there helped. And hey - the garage could be useful after all! It's leaning, apparently, but it's not dangerous, and it's big enough for either one of our cars. Work to be done on it first, though.

Monte headed off to the part-time job, Realsarah brought me home, I ate dinner, went out and bought fabric and was in bed by 9pm and asleep by 10pm.

I'm still tired today.

But I'm much less stressed.

Tonight - CVG Registration Department meeting.
Friday - Dumpster diving for the classy! And No Pants!
Saturday - far too busy for me to contemplate in my current state.


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