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A pretty good rehearsal last night. Did a lot of clean-up on things.

Lois/Bianca has no body awareness. Holy cow. This is gonna be work. She apparently can't feel how doing a move the (proper) way is more comfortable and therefore correct. I put my feet in a wide second, turned out and squat - trying to demonstrate that if your feet are wide apart and your toes pointed out (and your knees actually follow your toes and bend OUT instead of straight forward or - yike! - in), that this looks better and is, in fact, easier to do.

The accompanist was laughing at how she mangled just doing a PLIE IN SECOND (which is what it is).
Oy oy oy.

I need to get comfortable with my "second leads" not being as good and yet fully commit to making them great. It's an interesting state of mind - acceptance, yet determination. I think they definitely have the capability to grow alot and be - at least - enjoyable to watch. I don't think we're actually going to be painful. Such an adventure!

Chiro appointment over lunch today.

Monte has gone away to KCMO until Friday evening (work sent him. Weird). He will visit with Mum. I will miss him.

I'm in a pretty chipper mood, actually. Feeling pretty on top of most things with the show right now. Learning something new everyday!


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