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Okay - cuz I'm bored.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

The first clip is Johnny singing "Epiphany".
The second clip is George Hearn knocking it out of the park on the same number.

Notice how much more George does with his voice - because he can. You can hear the anguish, rage, sorrow, frustration in his voice - and the madness.

Now, the Johnny clip ends before the song actually does, but I'm pretty sure that Johnny doesn't sing the last line of the song, which you will hear in George's clip.

"I am alive again and I am full of joy."

It's that last line that just sends the creepy-meter into the red zone.

Look, I'm a Johnny fan and he does a creditable job in this role, especially for a non-singer. But this is exactly why you cast a SINGER. There's a clip on YouTube of Johnny talking about being asked "can you do it? can you sing it?" and he replies, "I don't know." Is that really how you should approach a musical project? "Hmmmm...Johnny would look great in the role. I wonder if he can sing?"

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I should note that much improvement happened on the show last week. We went from Imminent Disaster to Uphill Battle rather quickly.

Dave and Frost are Da Men, and much got accomplished on the set in just one week. Imagine if they'd started building a month ago!

The cast - the acting, choreography, lines, etc. - got remarkably better too.

Monte is coming tonight to watch and be "outside eyes" for me.

Sit-sing tomorrow with the orchestra.
Full run-through with orchestra Wednesday.
Thurs and Fri, full run-thrus without orchestra. Major clean-ups.
Saturday, dry tech.

And somewhere in there, a bunch of costumes will get made.

I am still regretting my overload of commitments. Ask me again in a month and I'll be fine, of course.

Other notes:
The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra was amazing and gratifying and satisfying, and Cheb makes a good music companion.
Annie's Parlor was exactly what I was craving and I am glad I was not disappointed after craving it so hard.
I'm gonna be a little overbudget on costumes, but not by much which is amazing considering how much fabric had to be bought.
I really like The American President.
It makes an odd double feature with Jaws.
I barely see Lucyruthe and LHGB these days. Looking forward to the Rex Party in a big way.
Wedding this weekend for one of Monte's old girlfriends.
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This is to help me keep track of my own life.

Friday night was rehearsal and we did "Too Darn Hot".
Saturday, I slept in. Chatted with Mom. Went to a meeting about CONvergence registrations being offered through the websites. (Let's see how many people notice that.) Drove [ profile] moneygod down to Fest and hung out for a few hours. Watched closing gate show. Chatted with people. Chatted with the MoneySnakes. Went to dinner at China Pagoda, where Monte and WeaselKing and Jklumpp joined us.
Then I headed off to [ profile] star5's birthday "Red or Dead" party and Monte went home because it was almost 10pm. Gasp!
At the party, I drank and chatted alot and told stories and was generally sarcastic. I hugged people. I laughed. We played DDR. And then it was 5am. Yoinks!
Sunday, I slept in. I got up and we decided on movie plans and I invited people. I choreographed. We saw Shaun of the Dead and ate at the Cheesecake Factory.

My mood is much improved today. For no reason that I can put my finger on. I did get to work on time. I have things prepared for tonight already. I'm looking forward to an overnight jaunt to Duluth.

I'm just generally sort of positive right now. Weird.

I met with the orchestra conductor for a bit last night. The interesting sidenote was him asking for a bit of audience viewing obstruction by the orchestra - specifically, "as much as [I] can handle". Why? Because there is an orchestra pit there - it was part of the design and construction. It's got hydraulics, it's got the concrete footings. It would be able to lift up to stage level for a thrust stage. They simply ran out of money and just made a level floor over the existing, constructed pit. It would take about $150,000 to finish it off. That is not alot to make the facility top-notch. The facility could then become a major venue in the community.

And if we make it uncomfortable for the audience - "I can't see over the bass player" - then perhaps community support and money would become available.

How much would I love an orchestra pit? A whole bunch. I would name it "squishy" and it would be my squishy. Indeed. Yes, it would be for a venue that isn't "mine", but it would be a Goodness, imperically speaking.

Other thoughts: I should invite the Morris Park people to come see KMK. Maybe then they'd hire me to direct. Morris Park has a shitty space, but they seem to be a pretty good group of people.
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From - Prequels that Should Never Be Made )
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Hm. I'm in a Beatles mood. I should dig them out.

So, the cold improves daily. I'm still congested-sounding, but barely in need of tissue any longer. And the cough is intermittent and not annoying. I know you're all relieved.

Friday night was awfully fun. So many of "our people" at Sky Captain. I liked it! Was it a great movie? No. Was it a fun movie? Yes! And Jude Law can be my roguish counterpart any day. We stopped by Roadkill's party briefly afterward, but both Monte and I were fading fast from illness.

I ended up skipping the auditions Saturday and slept till NOON. A good choice for me as I started feeling noticeably better finally. I got online to send an email to the director to apologize for the no-show and let him know if he needed anything - chorus, whatever - to think of me. And what do I find? An email from HIM asking if I'm still interested.

So. I'm doing a show in June! I didn't even have to audition. Woot! It's a small, glorified chorus part (with a SOLO, thank you), but hey - I didn't even audition for it! The show is "Applause" - the musical version of "All About Eve". I am "Bonnie", a gypsy dancer and I sing the titular song, apparently. Whee! I feel so much better knowing I have a performing gig in the future. Paying, even. And it gives my physical improvement goals a deadline. Performs in June, so I'll be done by con. Even better, I'll be in the easy "performing, not rehearsing" part a whole month before the con.

Both Monte and I slept in on Sunday. And puttered. And I choreographed while he went to another store meeting.

And we watched the whole original Star Wars trilogy over the weekend. We are considered buying "Empire" on DVD, because word is that Lucas has fucked with it the least. And it's the best of the movies. Soooo good.

Things I need to do:
- continue choreographing
- get a jump start on the costuming
- call CarolAnn
- chiro appointment
- nail down what exactly is happening with the orchestra
- dread maintenance

And other deep-seated shifts are percolating in the substrata.


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