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Sometimes I am dumb.
I have been cranky and out of sorts all day. I've felt vaguely ill and very sleepy.

I started daydreaming and planning about getting food on the way to rehearsal...what would I get? Would I have time to get something?

And it dawned on me.
I'm hungry.

Why would I be so hungry?
Well, last night dinner was at 6pm and consisted of cheese-n-peanutbutter crackers and chocolate covered donettes.
Breakfast was a Pepsi.
Lunch was some left over sugar wafers I had in a drawer (I spent lunch cutting out bodices).


Then it dawned on me - it's 4pm. I'm here for another hour, I've got nothing to do...why not go get some food now?

Sometimes I'm so frikkin' brilliant it almost hurts.

So, yeah. I just ate a chipotle and suddenly the world is a better place.
Now, if the sun would just come out. Just for a half-hour...

Shout outs:
- [ profile] lucyruthe: Good luck with getting those braces off! How exciting!
- [ profile] ethel: Did you get a bit of love in the mail from Omegacon?
- [ profile] fr0st_s1mul4t3d: I got stuff for you from Dave.
- [ profile] jklumpp: I may not be at movie night on Sunday. Tons to do. How do we best arrange payment and handoff?
- [ profile] fairoriana: Welcome home! My envy knows a few bounds, but not many.
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Received today from one of my mailing lists:

In the past week, TLC received some great news about public support for transit. According to a new statewide poll conducted by the Itasca Project business group, more than three quarters of Minnesota voters are willing to pay higher taxes and/or user fees to fund transportation investments. Even more significantly, Minnesotans prefer a transit solution far more than highway expansion or even a combined approach.

When asked about short-term solutions in the next five years, 66% of respondents chose transit as the preferred solution, 13% chose highway expansion, and 19% chose a combination of transit and highways. Surprisingly, preference for a transit solution was higher in greater Minnesota, with 69% of respondents favoring transit, than the Metro, where 63% favored transit.

Focus groups conducted in conjunction with the polling suggested that there has been a large positive shift in the general public's perception of transit mainly due to the success of the Hiawatha light rail line. This shift is so important when arguing for a balanced and inclusive transportation system.


Needless to say, I'm a huge supporter of public transit. Mostly because I go to cities that have it and they are inherently cooler!
Think about it:
New York City has the Subway
Chicago has the El
London has the Tube
Paris has the Metro

Besides that, as someone who grew up poor, I can tell you how much a good bus sytem is key to survival.


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