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I should note that much improvement happened on the show last week. We went from Imminent Disaster to Uphill Battle rather quickly.

Dave and Frost are Da Men, and much got accomplished on the set in just one week. Imagine if they'd started building a month ago!

The cast - the acting, choreography, lines, etc. - got remarkably better too.

Monte is coming tonight to watch and be "outside eyes" for me.

Sit-sing tomorrow with the orchestra.
Full run-through with orchestra Wednesday.
Thurs and Fri, full run-thrus without orchestra. Major clean-ups.
Saturday, dry tech.

And somewhere in there, a bunch of costumes will get made.

I am still regretting my overload of commitments. Ask me again in a month and I'll be fine, of course.

Other notes:
The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra was amazing and gratifying and satisfying, and Cheb makes a good music companion.
Annie's Parlor was exactly what I was craving and I am glad I was not disappointed after craving it so hard.
I'm gonna be a little overbudget on costumes, but not by much which is amazing considering how much fabric had to be bought.
I really like The American President.
It makes an odd double feature with Jaws.
I barely see Lucyruthe and LHGB these days. Looking forward to the Rex Party in a big way.
Wedding this weekend for one of Monte's old girlfriends.


Oct. 14th, 2004 12:28 pm
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I'm definitely feeling the pall of this job. Now - is it a phase? A conditional outlier? A harbinger?

Today the word that makes me giggle is "lumber". Say it. It's fun! Especially when you picture the meaning associated with a type of walking, instead of pieces of wood.


Rehearsal was good. Wish we had another week.

I cannot thank my lucky stars enough at how many parents have stepped up to help sew things! Oh my! The amount of fabric I have handed off! Of course, I need to keep my schedule loose enough to deal with any unexpected returns-unfinished-projects.
Corduroy is on sale and corduroy is a good fabric. I like corduroy.

Home later than intended, up later than intended reading. Sleepy. Feeling rather on top of things with the play right now. I've got things scheduled, I have a plan and timeframe to address and fix things, the set is progressing far more rapidly than our luck on that front would seem to allow. Lucentio gets better every night and it's clear that he really cares and wants to do a good job. He's just so reserved! I can't tell if Lois/Bianca is getting better or if I'm just getting used to her. Gonna fix the major choreographic mess points tomorrow, yep.

Today is [ profile] cajones birthday. Tomorrow is his party. Saturday is the MISFITS Meeting and the St Paul Chamber Orchestra (and Annie's Parlor!). And shopping for fabric! And Sunday is sewingsewingsewing.

I need to get the Omegacon letter out. And the bills for my lawyers. I'll do that this afternoon. First, I will take a rather early lunch (for me), and go eat my sack-lunch in the breakroom while reading fantasy literature of no particular redeeming quality.

Oh! Note to self: start giving thought to the auditioning workshop...
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Hey [ profile] chebutykin!
Or anybody else who might be interested.

I just had two tickets for the St Paul Chamber Orchestra drop into my lap.
This Saturday at 8pm.

Playing Mozart, Bach, Handel, etc. Num num!

Monte's got inventory that night. Who wants to be my date? We could even do dinner beforehand!!
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Friday night was "Men of Taste" which made me laugh alot. "Fuck you cancer."

Saturday was busy. I got up fairly early for a Saturday for the Minnesota Opera Garage Sale. First I went and got cash. Then I went to the garage sale. Lots of cool things, weird things. And a vintage dress that will work for KMK so I picked it up.
Next up, the costume cage at the high school. On the way out, I stopped at Target for necessities. And a liquor store for [ profile] ethel's party later that night.
The kids have cleaned up and organized the costume cage since "Guys and Dolls", thank god. So, I spent about 45 minutes in there pulling possibilities. Then I ran into the orchestra conductor and we chatted and planned.
Other things to accomplish on this day: visit with [ profile] moneygod in the hospital, shop at Saver's for more costume pieces (and fun stuff for me), drop by [ profile] djnoise's for nefarious DDR purposes.
The Noise Stop never worked out (stupid cellphone not giving me messages until hours later). But I got in two hours of quality gossip and catch-up time with moneygod and squishy. And an hour at Saver's that accomplished alot too.

I did get home later than I'd hoped for, but a very productive day! Except when I got home, there was a notice from my bank about bounced charges. WTF?? And only on Wednesday. Apparently, by Thursday there was enough money in there even though I hadn't deposited anything?? And US Bank's bounce fees are outrageous. I've just about had it with these bozos. Wait - I have had it with them. I'm switching to Wells Fargo for a while and see if I like that better.

A little late to Ethel's for dinner, and I didn't get a chance to dress fun like I'd hoped. But at least I had managed to get rid of the snarlies by the time we arrived. Dinner was numalicious. And the place so attractive!! It's become so urban chic. And I finally got my first Ethel dinner party - moussaka! MOUSSAKA!! And bread (and butter). And nummy apple desserts. I was bloated with food by the end.

And the party was fabulous fun. I had a delightful time, and Monte drove me home. I was sleepy.

I need to get in to the chiro because I spent most of Sunday/yesterday with a headache. I'm sure the alcohol and dehydration didn't help, but I can feel how out of alignment I am. Monte and I slept in a bit and snuggled and chatted, and eventually got up and around. He folded laundry and watched The Iron Giant. I snacked on brunchables and watched The Iron Giant. And then we went for a lovely walk over to the river and back. We saw lovely houses. And puppies. And kids playing. A gorgeous day for a walk. And we talked about plans and ideas. Home and ice cream. And then we got ready to go out to Movie Night. Where we chatted, and held the burrito known as Squishy. And ate loads of good food.

I did not have my phone with me or on all of Sunday. I just needed to be unavailable for a day. I was a nice break, and I'm feeling much more refocused and energized. Or I would if I hadn't been up til 1am reading. Silly Windy.
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Okay, I'm a transplant to Minneapolis. I've been here over 10 years. But there's alot of things - basic things - that I've never seen or done here in the Twin Cities.

So, tell me: what do you recommend to your out-of-town friends? Things to see. Places to eat.
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My mood and my confidence have increased since my whine-fest of earlier in the week.

Largely because - as I suspected might happen - I've gotten through creating most of the blocking and choreography now. I've even had a chance to go back and revise some blocking and choreography I wasn't happy with.
After tonight, there is only one scene left to block (the last scene in the show). Not complex at all, actually. Oh, and one goofy little dance interlude to figure out.

But I have till next Wednesday.

So, my week of coming home from rehearsal and having to put in another 2 hours (either late night, early morning, or over lunch) is done.

My mood is tipping back to the "gosh I'm clever" side of the spectrum again.

And after a bunch of "quiet downs!" last night, I came up with a new plan to keep control and get attention at rehearsals.
(I will NOT use a whistle. I was in a show where the music director did that for one night. He stopped after one night because I believe he saw the incipient homocide in our eyes.)
I cannot whistle myself, so that's out.

Instead, I will launch into "OooooooooOOOOoOAK!-lahoma, where the wind goes sweeping down the plains..."

That oughta get their attention. And it will feel less angry than hollering "hey!!" every five minutes.

Alas, we are not going to Duluth this weekend. But this is actually a positive. The thought of leaving town was doing more to stress me out than to make me happy, at this point. It also means we can attend Ms.Ethel's Iron Alcohol Party. Yay!
I would like to go to Duluth some time. I've never been.

Of the few minutes I saw of the debates (till I get that tape from Mr. Kingsley), my favorite moment was Kerry, in essence, saying that the President's plan for Korea/China was stupid and reminding people that Bush has a problem with the truth.
And the moderator turns to a rebuttal from Bush (huge paraphrasing): "Do you have anything to say? He brought up Truth. Do you have a response? Does that bother you?"
And Bush...has no real response. It's not like he delivered a decisive statement either. He didn't say, "I have stated my plans, I believe they are sound, I feel no need to respond."
No. He stuttered. He fumbled. He dropped the ball hugely.

Look, vote for Bush if you want. It's your right (and I will defend your right to do so). But don't try to tell me he's any good at public speaking or speaking extemporaneously (does he even know what that word means?).
Now, the fact that you want the "leader of the free world" to look like an uneducated ass in most public situations is your own choice...
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This is to help me keep track of my own life.

Friday night was rehearsal and we did "Too Darn Hot".
Saturday, I slept in. Chatted with Mom. Went to a meeting about CONvergence registrations being offered through the websites. (Let's see how many people notice that.) Drove [ profile] moneygod down to Fest and hung out for a few hours. Watched closing gate show. Chatted with people. Chatted with the MoneySnakes. Went to dinner at China Pagoda, where Monte and WeaselKing and Jklumpp joined us.
Then I headed off to [ profile] star5's birthday "Red or Dead" party and Monte went home because it was almost 10pm. Gasp!
At the party, I drank and chatted alot and told stories and was generally sarcastic. I hugged people. I laughed. We played DDR. And then it was 5am. Yoinks!
Sunday, I slept in. I got up and we decided on movie plans and I invited people. I choreographed. We saw Shaun of the Dead and ate at the Cheesecake Factory.

My mood is much improved today. For no reason that I can put my finger on. I did get to work on time. I have things prepared for tonight already. I'm looking forward to an overnight jaunt to Duluth.

I'm just generally sort of positive right now. Weird.

I met with the orchestra conductor for a bit last night. The interesting sidenote was him asking for a bit of audience viewing obstruction by the orchestra - specifically, "as much as [I] can handle". Why? Because there is an orchestra pit there - it was part of the design and construction. It's got hydraulics, it's got the concrete footings. It would be able to lift up to stage level for a thrust stage. They simply ran out of money and just made a level floor over the existing, constructed pit. It would take about $150,000 to finish it off. That is not alot to make the facility top-notch. The facility could then become a major venue in the community.

And if we make it uncomfortable for the audience - "I can't see over the bass player" - then perhaps community support and money would become available.

How much would I love an orchestra pit? A whole bunch. I would name it "squishy" and it would be my squishy. Indeed. Yes, it would be for a venue that isn't "mine", but it would be a Goodness, imperically speaking.

Other thoughts: I should invite the Morris Park people to come see KMK. Maybe then they'd hire me to direct. Morris Park has a shitty space, but they seem to be a pretty good group of people.
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I was wildly uninspired last night in my efforts to choreograph "Too Darn Hot". It's odd, too, because the arrangement is spiffy.

So, instead, I read Stephen King short stories, colored my hair, and waxed my dreadies.

And then killed another two hours doing half-hearted, half-assed choreography. Really, just staging. Or staring.

So, I got up toodamnearly this morning and started in. Apparently, my motivation keeps morning hours. Merely walking down the stairs to the basement (I have a whole room just for choreographing!), I had a fun idea. I ended up choreographing 2/3's of it in a bit over an hour (that is fast for me).

And if you're wondering what I do all day at work, today at work I choreographed. It takes repeated bathroom-breaks and abandoned stairwells and a zoned-out faraway look in the eye - but it can be done.

so, it's ready to go for tonight. This weekend, I need to choreograph/stage the remaining numbers in the show in prep for next week:
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
We Open in Venice
Cantiamo D'Amore
Another Op'nin

Of those, only "Cantiamo" is really dancy. The rest are just a lot of staging and movement coordination. If next week stays on schedule, we will have the whole show roughed out (movement wise) in the first three weeks of rehearsal. Giving us three more weeks to workWorkWORK.

Random notes:
- I'll be doing an auditioning workshop with the kids sometime in early November, likely.
- Our housewarming is looking more likely for November at this rate.
- I'm so damned grateful I don't have to figure out a Havana sequence or a Crapshooters Dance. "Too Darn Hot" is big, but not THAT big.
- I'm feeling a lot more positive about the show, obviously.
- After rehearsal, a party at Timmy & Jen's.
- Tomorrow I would like to work on the house. I should choreograph. I have a CVG meeting. Then a trip out to Fest. And the evening possibilities include a birthday party (my hair is newly REDDED), the Ministry of Cultural Warfare show, or dinner wiht the Festies at my favorite Chinese restaurant.
- Sunday includes more choreography, a matinee performance of a friend's show, possibly "Shaun of the Dead".

And I keep thinking about this idea of "living purposefully". It's gaining psychological ground.
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It's not till November, but I was reminded today of the Wine Tasting.

Hey [ profile] ethel and Jklumpp and WeaselKing!!
Let's do that again!

And get the word to Claude too!


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