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In the relief category:

The sit-sing with the orchestra went well. The orchestra is SO GOOD. Okay, I'm still scarred from the "Guys & Dolls" orchestra - but they are pretty good. No real intonation problems, just "keep it all together" problems. And when they know the music, it jumps.

The set has progressed rapidly and well! We're about ready to hang pretty much all the flats. The wine vat is done. Need to get the 3 wagons built but we're waiting for castors. Stoopit Menards.

Started fitting bodices last night. They should fly together since I won't be lining them. They won't be pretty on the inside, but I Do Not Care!

In the building stresses category:

Costumes. A lot still needs to be built. I'm concerned about how the parent sewers are doing (need to check in). Still have a lot of costume pieces (for the 40's stuff) to find and I'm running out of time. Also, I need at least two fedoras for HUGE NOGGINS! My god, the head measurement is 25 inches!

This weekend will be insane.

In the random notes category:

I have a huge blister on my thumb from cutting out fabric. (It doesn't actually hurt, but I'm tempted to pop it anyway.)

I need more sleep.

The chipotle was just what the doctor ordered yesterday.

I can almost outsing my full chorus. (Well, to be fair, they weren't really trying. Which is why I wandered over, stood behind them, and belted it out. Suddenly they got much more invested in singing. There were even traces of gusto.)

Anybody out there want to do some simple sewing? (C'mon, you knew it was coming.) We're talking skirts here. Skirts with elastic waistbands. That level of sewing. Simple and easy and you'd get the pieces already cut out.
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I had a nasty headache this morning, but it has receded to the mountaintops waiting for its next chance to storm the battlements.
I have ibu and decongestants manning the walls however. And I'm not afraid to use hot oil and caltrops.

Monte came to watch rehearsal last night. We did a full run thru (minus one number). Even with raggedness, it was only 2.5 hours. Sweet! (I did cut two numbers from the show, so that helps a bit.) It means that this won't be an interminable evening at the theatre.

Monte declared the show "not suck". Obviously ragged, but still fun. When they do it right, downright enjoyable. And just by having a new set of eyes watching, it forced my eyes to look anew and I was both pleased and frustrated with what I saw.
Frustrated: girls who should know the dance well "marking" it or just not knowing it - it's hard to tell. Regardless, the look on the face said "I don't take this seriously."
Pleased: I'm a pretty clever choreographer occasionally.

New thought: I think I am going to cut the reprise of "Always True to You". It just goes on forever and Lois isn't THAT good. Besides, the verses in the reprise aren't as clever. I'll review this afternoon and see.

I gave notes afterward. I'm trying to impart acting lessons in the midst of all this so I gave a brief sermon on "raising the stakes" - on making specific choices onstage, on making what you are doing important. Every character needs a reason - a life-or-death reason - for being there and being involved.
I also told them that they have until next Wednesday night to learn the dances and if I see people who don't know them, I will cut them from the dance number. If they are front and center and don't know it/won't sell it, I will move them. It motivates them. Probably because they know I mean it.
And the best moment of the night was trying to get one of my gangsters to threaten with a fist. I blocked him to threaten the other gangster with his fist, but it's the wimpiest thing I ever saw. During notes, I said,
WINDY: Ben, threaten me. *shakes fist at him*
BEN: *wimpy fist thing vaguely in my direction*
WINDY: No! Be mean! *threatens with scowl*
BEN: *wimpy fist thing even more wimpy than before*
WINDY: Ben, flip me off.
BEN: *startled* What? Really?
WINDY: Yes, flip me off.
BEN: *flips a very aggressive bird*
WINDY: Aha! Do it just like that, only without the finger!!

I was successful in finally getting a decently threatening fist. You just gotta find the right metaphor sometimes.

The set continues rather rapidly to appear. Yay. Sit-sing tonight. I'm anxious and excited to hear the orchestra.

A ton of sewing to do.

Other places of my life are not-so-good right now. I don't have time or energy to spare to address the issues. However, the suckage saps my energy and motivation. Oh, the catch-22 of it all.
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I should note that much improvement happened on the show last week. We went from Imminent Disaster to Uphill Battle rather quickly.

Dave and Frost are Da Men, and much got accomplished on the set in just one week. Imagine if they'd started building a month ago!

The cast - the acting, choreography, lines, etc. - got remarkably better too.

Monte is coming tonight to watch and be "outside eyes" for me.

Sit-sing tomorrow with the orchestra.
Full run-through with orchestra Wednesday.
Thurs and Fri, full run-thrus without orchestra. Major clean-ups.
Saturday, dry tech.

And somewhere in there, a bunch of costumes will get made.

I am still regretting my overload of commitments. Ask me again in a month and I'll be fine, of course.

Other notes:
The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra was amazing and gratifying and satisfying, and Cheb makes a good music companion.
Annie's Parlor was exactly what I was craving and I am glad I was not disappointed after craving it so hard.
I'm gonna be a little overbudget on costumes, but not by much which is amazing considering how much fabric had to be bought.
I really like The American President.
It makes an odd double feature with Jaws.
I barely see Lucyruthe and LHGB these days. Looking forward to the Rex Party in a big way.
Wedding this weekend for one of Monte's old girlfriends.
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Okay, I've realized that I sermonize when I direct. I take the opportunity to preach about things rather than give a simple direction. Then again, these are teenagers, so driving something home with a 3-minute diatribe is probably more effective in the long-run.

Is it bad to pontificate about things as a director? I don't know. It's all about explaining things. But do I waste time?
Given my actorly insecurities, I of course feel like this is a failing in me as a director and I should change it.
But perhaps it is not a failing.

I have the kids blocked to "parade" around the stage at the end of the show. (it looks better than it sounds) They were just rushing through it like it was a deathmarch, all clumped up on one another.
I went into a several-minute rhetorical question-and-answer: "As a chorus member, what are the odds that you are going to get a solo bow at the end of this show? Unless you're a lead, you NEVER get a solo bow. I've just handed each of you the opportunity for your own solo bow and you're pissing it away."

They did better after that.

I'm not feeling like I was as "fun" this time around, but perhaps my self-vision is skewed.

And while Lois and Bill are getting better, I am not objective any longer. So I've asked Monte to come and watch Monday night to give me an outside viewpoint. I mean, part of it is making lemonade out of bad casting choices (okay, cutting myself a break - my choices were extremely limited).

Tonight is fixing and cleaning and boy is it needed. Hopefully it will stick.

I feel bad when we're running through a dance and the kids aren't sure what comes next (and not a one of them will speak up, be confident and say "we did this" even though they've done the dance like 5 times and should remember) and the kids ask me and I say "I don't know."
I have to go look at my notes.
Cutting myself slack - I've currently got probably 15 dances in my head. But honestly - once we've run them enough, I know them by heart too.
Ah, I'm just feeling like I could do better.

I'm not a perfectionist.



Oct. 14th, 2004 12:28 pm
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I'm definitely feeling the pall of this job. Now - is it a phase? A conditional outlier? A harbinger?

Today the word that makes me giggle is "lumber". Say it. It's fun! Especially when you picture the meaning associated with a type of walking, instead of pieces of wood.


Rehearsal was good. Wish we had another week.

I cannot thank my lucky stars enough at how many parents have stepped up to help sew things! Oh my! The amount of fabric I have handed off! Of course, I need to keep my schedule loose enough to deal with any unexpected returns-unfinished-projects.
Corduroy is on sale and corduroy is a good fabric. I like corduroy.

Home later than intended, up later than intended reading. Sleepy. Feeling rather on top of things with the play right now. I've got things scheduled, I have a plan and timeframe to address and fix things, the set is progressing far more rapidly than our luck on that front would seem to allow. Lucentio gets better every night and it's clear that he really cares and wants to do a good job. He's just so reserved! I can't tell if Lois/Bianca is getting better or if I'm just getting used to her. Gonna fix the major choreographic mess points tomorrow, yep.

Today is [ profile] cajones birthday. Tomorrow is his party. Saturday is the MISFITS Meeting and the St Paul Chamber Orchestra (and Annie's Parlor!). And shopping for fabric! And Sunday is sewingsewingsewing.

I need to get the Omegacon letter out. And the bills for my lawyers. I'll do that this afternoon. First, I will take a rather early lunch (for me), and go eat my sack-lunch in the breakroom while reading fantasy literature of no particular redeeming quality.

Oh! Note to self: start giving thought to the auditioning workshop...
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Okay, here for the curious is the show information

Performance dates are:
Thursday, Oct. 28th at 7pm
Friday, Oct. 29th at 7pm
Sunday, Oct. 31st at 3pm
Friday, Nov. 5th at 7pm
Saturday, Nov. 6th at 7pm
Sunday, Nov. 7th at 3pm

Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students.
Bring in two canned goods October 28, 29 or 31 and receive $1 off ticket price

Tickets can be reserved at 651-351-8109

This is basically a musical version of "Taming of the Shrew" with a score by the fabulous Cole Porter. Featuring such fantastic numbers as "So In Love", "Too Darn Hot", "Tom Dick or Harry", "Always True to You in My Fashion" and "Brush up your Shakespeare".
I have not dumbed it down for high school kids - it's about sex. There are gunshots. And plenty of domestic abuse!

See high school girls dance in their underwear!
See high school boys look uncomfortable in tights!
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Well, as the crises have reared themselves with the play, my angsty disinterest has faded into the background.
I don't have time to bemoan my state when I'm trying to figure out how to get the set built, the costumes made, the kids to do the right dance steps, and keep it all on budget.

I think I am getting really sick of my job here though. Well, not "really sick" but I find myself rolling my eyes more and more.

Even when given something to do, I procrastinate and go read lj instead.

So, news on the theatrical front:
1. Tech person flaked in the most flakiest of fashions. For the past month, damned near nothing has been done to build the sets. They should have been nigh on complete, and instead we're having to shift into Panic Mode. She either calls and cancels set working time because she's "sick" or there's a "meeting she forgot about". On Monday she did show up but she had her new pot-bellied pig (!) in tow and had to take him home right away. (WTF? Why did you bring it in the first place?) And on Tuesday she was a no show without even a call to give a reason. Oyoyoy.

So, Dave is working his ass off. Frost is throwing himself on the grenade. And I'm crossing most of my limbs that everything works out okay.

2. My Lucentio improves every time we run it. But he's constantly gone for one reason or another so we have this problem, see.

3. Lois is also improving, but her physicality is still so tomboyish. Still working on it.

4. Clean movement overall is a problem. Clear choices. No shuffling. No random gestures. And then the opposite effect of them just standing there like statues without responding or reacting to anything. *sigh* High school. *shrug*

5. I have handed off a metric buttload of fabric to parents who sew. Yay!! My sewing load is now approaching very manageable.

There has been improved focus throughout this week as the looming threat of Opening Night approaches. Did a little feel-good thing with the cast last night where we all said one reason we like being in the show. Then I told them to hold on to that one reason because the next two weeks...oy. If I had one more week, I could be totally confident of getting things solid. But ain't that always the way with theatre? "If only I had just one more week."

I miss Monte. I'm ready to have some free time. I'm really looking forward to the orchestra concert. And Omegacon.
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Dealing with the bureaucracy of paying for things, like...say...costumes.

I can't just go purchase and get reimbursed. They don't do it that way.
Last time, I could borrow the school's VISA and use it. But no more.
I can't purchase with cash, unless it's less than $35 to get reimbursed.

No, what they want me to do is submit a voucher and get the check cut in advance.

Okay - now how the FUCK is this supposed to work for buying fabric? Hell, for buying anything!?!?!!
I go out and find it, figure out how much it is, ask them to hold it, and go buy it later.
Except that "later" in this instance is going to be a week later, pretty much, because I go directly from work to rehearsal and rehearsal isn't done till 9pm.
And try and adapt this to buying FABRIC.

I have no frikkin' idea how much I'm going to spend (except that I will stay within budget). I don't know if I will find what I want at one store or at several. I don't know how much yardage I will need, I don't know the prices.

This is goddammitall fucking impossible. Maybe if I were a teacher I could do it because I would be done teaching by 3pm, could go shop, come back before 5pm and get the check I needed and be done with it. But see how I can't do that???

Things just got clarified. I ask for a check cut to a specific store for ... $500. I got to store. If I purchase over, I pay out of pocked (try to keep below $35) and get reimbursed. If I purchase under, I get cash back and return it to school.
So - easier than I was thinking, but still a bit silly.

So, I can at least get this done this weekend now.
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Well, all the scenes have been blocked and all the dances choreographed!! Done!!

Well. Except for:
- need to add in the bit players in two scenes (give them their blocking)
- need to teach the choreography for a small middle part to the four girls in the vat
- need to teach the couples the choreography for the pavane
- need to tweak and simplify choreography here and there
- want to tweak the blocking for one scene so it's better

But see how, technically, I'm done having to make up blocking and choreography??

Yay! *cabbage patch in chair*

The kids were pretty okay last night. Had one "lecture moment" where I nicely asked them to pay attention more often because I don't like getting mad at them. No, that was really my argument: "When I have to constantly get your attention and tell you to shut up, I get frustrated and mad. Please don't make me have to be frustrated." (Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.)

I think there will be some good moments.

We cleaned up two numbers on Tuesday, so we ran them one time through last night to keep cementing things. One of them was "Tom, Dick and Harry" which is a quartet piece and the kids watching really responded well to it, so hopefully it will go over well.

Things to do:
- clear off porch (put things that are on porch properly away)
- wax my dreadies
Things to do this weekend:
- add water to heating system ([ profile] magicmarmot, will you be able to find time to help with this??)
- asked Barb to breakfast on Saturday, we'll see if that happens
- would like to tidy my work room some
- fabric shopping!
- maybe cutting out of stuff if I can
- [ profile] rahna's going away
- [ profile] lexinatrix's housewarming
- 1:30 Saturday meet up at St. Kate's to paw and borrow their costumes
- 1:00 Sunday director's meeting

I like being busy! I'm good at it!
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A pretty good rehearsal last night. Did a lot of clean-up on things.

Lois/Bianca has no body awareness. Holy cow. This is gonna be work. She apparently can't feel how doing a move the (proper) way is more comfortable and therefore correct. I put my feet in a wide second, turned out and squat - trying to demonstrate that if your feet are wide apart and your toes pointed out (and your knees actually follow your toes and bend OUT instead of straight forward or - yike! - in), that this looks better and is, in fact, easier to do.

The accompanist was laughing at how she mangled just doing a PLIE IN SECOND (which is what it is).
Oy oy oy.

I need to get comfortable with my "second leads" not being as good and yet fully commit to making them great. It's an interesting state of mind - acceptance, yet determination. I think they definitely have the capability to grow alot and be - at least - enjoyable to watch. I don't think we're actually going to be painful. Such an adventure!

Chiro appointment over lunch today.

Monte has gone away to KCMO until Friday evening (work sent him. Weird). He will visit with Mum. I will miss him.

I'm in a pretty chipper mood, actually. Feeling pretty on top of most things with the show right now. Learning something new everyday!
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Well, the kids were spastic last night. Oh, wait - they're pretty much like that every night.

I'm trying not to let the two Dumbunnies really get under my skin. They're always asking questions and they're always stupid questions. Seriously, dangerously, how-do-you-breathe stupid questions.

Singing "Oklahoma" to get their attention continues to work.

Started the evening by working with a few of my leads on vocal stuff: interpretation, dynamics. My Lilli has got a huge break in her middle voice and her voice teacher must be bloody incompetent. She's got the high notes (she pops a lovely high A), but she has no transition ability. It's either full-on chest voice or hooty head voice. We fixed some of it, and I gave her some tips. But I think I might have a private chat with her about her voice teacher and what her voice teacher is telling her to do. If it's directly at odds with what needs to be happening, we've got a problem and I'll probably bluntly tell her to get a new voice teacher.

We worked through "Another Op'nin" - it needs a lot of business to make it work and the kids just aren't thinking up stuff on their own. I need to brainstorm more business. But good heavens! If I have to come up with business that lasts for 8 minutes for each of my almost 40 person cast...they ain't paying me enough. Need to clean up some of the small combinations here.

Worked through "Cantiamo D'Amore" last and boy howdy, do the kids love to do that one. We must have gone through it 15 times. "Can we do it again??" Which pleases me because if they like it that much, they'll have fun with it and it will have alot of energy. Of course, I'm always telling them the song is about drinking and sex, so no wonder they like it.

At the end of the evening, they were all excited to hear I'm in a show next spring. Very cute.

Tonight is more clean up of dance numbers, just like the rest of the week. Whee! I'm becoming more hopeful about my Lois and Bill, but that may just be me getting the right rose-tint on my glasses. *shrug*

I've got one last thing to choreograph and block. I've got costuming to start organizing (I'm ahead of where I was with "Guys and Dolls" though! And I've got about 5 parents who say they sew and want to sew!). And I have the tape of last week's debates to watch. And tonight's debate to cadge from somewhere to watch. And so much planning to do!!

I like autumn.

Currently, I am reading "Ringworld Engineers" which I have not read before. I just finished Heinlein's "The Star Beast" which is an old favorite and very sweet and cute. I am looking forward to November and Omegacon and having free time to visit with people and invite them over and call them randomly for social things...
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My mood and my confidence have increased since my whine-fest of earlier in the week.

Largely because - as I suspected might happen - I've gotten through creating most of the blocking and choreography now. I've even had a chance to go back and revise some blocking and choreography I wasn't happy with.
After tonight, there is only one scene left to block (the last scene in the show). Not complex at all, actually. Oh, and one goofy little dance interlude to figure out.

But I have till next Wednesday.

So, my week of coming home from rehearsal and having to put in another 2 hours (either late night, early morning, or over lunch) is done.

My mood is tipping back to the "gosh I'm clever" side of the spectrum again.

And after a bunch of "quiet downs!" last night, I came up with a new plan to keep control and get attention at rehearsals.
(I will NOT use a whistle. I was in a show where the music director did that for one night. He stopped after one night because I believe he saw the incipient homocide in our eyes.)
I cannot whistle myself, so that's out.

Instead, I will launch into "OooooooooOOOOoOAK!-lahoma, where the wind goes sweeping down the plains..."

That oughta get their attention. And it will feel less angry than hollering "hey!!" every five minutes.

Alas, we are not going to Duluth this weekend. But this is actually a positive. The thought of leaving town was doing more to stress me out than to make me happy, at this point. It also means we can attend Ms.Ethel's Iron Alcohol Party. Yay!
I would like to go to Duluth some time. I've never been.

Of the few minutes I saw of the debates (till I get that tape from Mr. Kingsley), my favorite moment was Kerry, in essence, saying that the President's plan for Korea/China was stupid and reminding people that Bush has a problem with the truth.
And the moderator turns to a rebuttal from Bush (huge paraphrasing): "Do you have anything to say? He brought up Truth. Do you have a response? Does that bother you?"
And Bush...has no real response. It's not like he delivered a decisive statement either. He didn't say, "I have stated my plans, I believe they are sound, I feel no need to respond."
No. He stuttered. He fumbled. He dropped the ball hugely.

Look, vote for Bush if you want. It's your right (and I will defend your right to do so). But don't try to tell me he's any good at public speaking or speaking extemporaneously (does he even know what that word means?).
Now, the fact that you want the "leader of the free world" to look like an uneducated ass in most public situations is your own choice...


Sep. 30th, 2004 11:58 am
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wherein I whine and ramble )

I stopped on the way to rehearsal (didn't need to be there till 7pm) and saw the now-christened-Squishy. He makes terrific old man faces. Very "get off my lawn". Visited very briefly due to incipient rehearsal, but I hope to make another stop-by on Saturday.
This is the first rehearsal where I didn't get everything done that I'd planned on. Ah, well.

And I'm not prepared for tonight. Not yet. I'll be blocking and choreographing over lunch.

Got home from rehearsal and Monte gave me all sorts of support: a listening ear, a sounding board and also a cider. Num! Cider!

I need to be enjoying this more. I mean, really, it will come out fine. Some things will be better than G&D, some will be worse. I'm learning alot and doing things better than before. The kids are frustrating, but fun. And when I get it right - and I frequently do - it feels really damned good.

I'm good at this, dammit.

And I'm doing a better job of keeping on top of the other aspects: the set, the orchestra, the marketing (the posters are much better this time around).

I think if I were more satisfied within myself, I would be more satisfied with this experience. Very telling. Bears mulling, pondering and eventual acceptance.

And fuckall - it's a GREAT score and a really funny script. Even if I screw it up royally, it will still be entertaining.
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All you RenFest do-ers:

Are you willing to loan me costume pieces for KMK? They'd be well taken care of and returned pristine and clean.

I need anything and everything:
chemises, skirts, bodices, hats, bloomers, aprons
tights, breeches, shirts, vests, doublets, hats
mostly peasant but some courtly stuff needed

Anything you're willing to lend is one less thing I have to find someone to sew.

Please please prettyprettyprettyplease?
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Well, I was cranky, but I'm pretty sure it mostly came out in "crack the whip" let's-get-this done sorts of ways, not "I hate you and I regret having cast you."

The kids are excited by "Too Darn Hot" now. It's always that way with the big numbers - they feel overwhelmed until they realize they know the whole thing.

I'm not sure about the staging choice I made for "We Open in Venice". I'm going to be mulling that one over and possibly revisiting.

I have a buttload to get done this week - should've gotten more done this weekend. I'll be up late tonight and tomorrow. Count on it.

I got in to work on time again today (actually, a half-hour early).

I'm fat, and I don't seem to care for the moment. Except that my clothes don't fit. But I'm still planning on eating Chipotle for lunch.

I ordered DDR Extreme yesterday. Should arrive next week. I won't get to play it till November, of course.

I have a call in to CarolAnn but haven't heard back yet, oddly. She's normally quite prompt. I should try finding her work number.

I called the RenFest costume shop to find out about renting costumes (hoping that they would have a Let's-help-out-schools/non-profits program...hah!). My budget for costumes is $1000. They wanted almost $600 to rent 20 peasant/CKC costumes for one week. I need about 40 for two weeks.
Are they frikkin' kidding me?!? Even the woman at the costume shop that it was ridiculous. I'm not surprised, really. But good lord. Those CKC costumes are shit, especially once they get through a season on angsty teens working food service. Gwoss.

I need to call about dance shoes and tights, try to find the best place for the kids to go.

I'm putting a call out on the MRF Friends list to borrow Fest costumes. Any of youse hereabouts who want to donate pieces, feel free! You can rely on me to take good care of them and return them pristine and clean. (Seriously - ANY pieces. tights, chemises, hats, vests, doublets, bodices...) Mostly peasant, but I do some nicer costumes.

I'll be heading to the MinnOpera garage sale this Saturday.

And there will be sewing. Lots of sewing. I need to get that organized and underway starting next week. (Gives us a full month.)
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This is to help me keep track of my own life.

Friday night was rehearsal and we did "Too Darn Hot".
Saturday, I slept in. Chatted with Mom. Went to a meeting about CONvergence registrations being offered through the websites. (Let's see how many people notice that.) Drove [ profile] moneygod down to Fest and hung out for a few hours. Watched closing gate show. Chatted with people. Chatted with the MoneySnakes. Went to dinner at China Pagoda, where Monte and WeaselKing and Jklumpp joined us.
Then I headed off to [ profile] star5's birthday "Red or Dead" party and Monte went home because it was almost 10pm. Gasp!
At the party, I drank and chatted alot and told stories and was generally sarcastic. I hugged people. I laughed. We played DDR. And then it was 5am. Yoinks!
Sunday, I slept in. I got up and we decided on movie plans and I invited people. I choreographed. We saw Shaun of the Dead and ate at the Cheesecake Factory.

My mood is much improved today. For no reason that I can put my finger on. I did get to work on time. I have things prepared for tonight already. I'm looking forward to an overnight jaunt to Duluth.

I'm just generally sort of positive right now. Weird.

I met with the orchestra conductor for a bit last night. The interesting sidenote was him asking for a bit of audience viewing obstruction by the orchestra - specifically, "as much as [I] can handle". Why? Because there is an orchestra pit there - it was part of the design and construction. It's got hydraulics, it's got the concrete footings. It would be able to lift up to stage level for a thrust stage. They simply ran out of money and just made a level floor over the existing, constructed pit. It would take about $150,000 to finish it off. That is not alot to make the facility top-notch. The facility could then become a major venue in the community.

And if we make it uncomfortable for the audience - "I can't see over the bass player" - then perhaps community support and money would become available.

How much would I love an orchestra pit? A whole bunch. I would name it "squishy" and it would be my squishy. Indeed. Yes, it would be for a venue that isn't "mine", but it would be a Goodness, imperically speaking.

Other thoughts: I should invite the Morris Park people to come see KMK. Maybe then they'd hire me to direct. Morris Park has a shitty space, but they seem to be a pretty good group of people.
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I was wildly uninspired last night in my efforts to choreograph "Too Darn Hot". It's odd, too, because the arrangement is spiffy.

So, instead, I read Stephen King short stories, colored my hair, and waxed my dreadies.

And then killed another two hours doing half-hearted, half-assed choreography. Really, just staging. Or staring.

So, I got up toodamnearly this morning and started in. Apparently, my motivation keeps morning hours. Merely walking down the stairs to the basement (I have a whole room just for choreographing!), I had a fun idea. I ended up choreographing 2/3's of it in a bit over an hour (that is fast for me).

And if you're wondering what I do all day at work, today at work I choreographed. It takes repeated bathroom-breaks and abandoned stairwells and a zoned-out faraway look in the eye - but it can be done.

so, it's ready to go for tonight. This weekend, I need to choreograph/stage the remaining numbers in the show in prep for next week:
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
We Open in Venice
Cantiamo D'Amore
Another Op'nin

Of those, only "Cantiamo" is really dancy. The rest are just a lot of staging and movement coordination. If next week stays on schedule, we will have the whole show roughed out (movement wise) in the first three weeks of rehearsal. Giving us three more weeks to workWorkWORK.

Random notes:
- I'll be doing an auditioning workshop with the kids sometime in early November, likely.
- Our housewarming is looking more likely for November at this rate.
- I'm so damned grateful I don't have to figure out a Havana sequence or a Crapshooters Dance. "Too Darn Hot" is big, but not THAT big.
- I'm feeling a lot more positive about the show, obviously.
- After rehearsal, a party at Timmy & Jen's.
- Tomorrow I would like to work on the house. I should choreograph. I have a CVG meeting. Then a trip out to Fest. And the evening possibilities include a birthday party (my hair is newly REDDED), the Ministry of Cultural Warfare show, or dinner wiht the Festies at my favorite Chinese restaurant.
- Sunday includes more choreography, a matinee performance of a friend's show, possibly "Shaun of the Dead".

And I keep thinking about this idea of "living purposefully". It's gaining psychological ground.
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So, I will ride the bus home, get the car and hightail it out to Stillwater.

That is my plan.

I will then go fetch Cajones and we will go to the meeting.

Also my plan.

I wonder what the reality will be?

At any rate, I've finished my whinging about it (for now). I've got a list of bullet points to address. I'll probably talk to myself all the way out there, rehearsing phrases, order of magnitude, etc.

In other news, I had a very unsatisfying lunch today. I crave food lately, and yet it is so very rarely satisfying. Doesn't stop me eating far too much of it though. My crave-o-sensor is out of whack or something - I can't seem to pinpoint what it is I want and end up getting things that are Just Not It.

I'm also burned out on downtown food options.

This could be a sign that it's time to start bringing the lunch again. Oh, the frugality!

I need to buy stamps. I need to go to the post office and send off the last of the tshirts. I need to mail some bills. I need to pay yet more bills. I need to prepare the agenda for tonight.
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The kids are all pissy and diva-ing. Actually, not all of them. Just the non-talented ones who are most undeserving of divahood.

Now I'm just being bitchy.

Okay, see - we cast the show. And kids have been dropping out (don't start me on some of THAT crap). So, we need to fill in some spots. Specifically, we need certain voices to round out the choral sound. So, I quite rightly leave it to my music director to do what she deems necessary.

We did try to bring in kids who had auditioned and got no response and no luck. So, she asked some kids who had not auditioned. Kids that, obviously, she knew from her chorus classes - she knew what voices she needed, knew who could give her what she wanted, and recruited.

And now comes the teenaged whinging. "Why are people who didn't audition being asked to be in the show when I auditioned and I'm not being asked?"
Because, you self-absorbed little brat, we need a 1st soprano and you're an alto. Got it??

There's also "But I got cast as the Wardrobe Lady and the Wardrobe Lady is supposed to be in this quartet and [music director] won't let me be in it!"
Well, honey, I cast you as the Wardrobe Lady because of your great big solo voice for "Another Op'nin". However, it turns out that great big solo voice doesn't stay in tune so well. Especially when singing harmony, alone, against 3 other girls in Andrews-Sisters-like chording.
You want the truth? It's not that [music director] is biased against you. It's not that "she doesn't know what she's doing" (yes, this girl actually said that). It's that you HAVE PITCH PROBLEMS AND ARE NOT THAT GOOD OF A SINGER.

But you don't actually want to hear that, do you?

I'm having huge angst today about this show. With a side order of teeth-gnashing. This is a more challenging show than "Guys and Dolls" on a purely technical level. The music is more challenging. Alot more bit parts to juggle. Shakespearean text. The works.
And I didn't get lucky with leads like I did with G&D. I feel good about two of the four major ones, but the other two - oy. It's gonna take work and it may be impossible.
But my biggest ache right now is that the kids aren't having fun. As evidenced by the whining.

I try to reassure myself that this is the normal state of things at this point in the rehearsal. But I do think it's fair to say that there's some sort of "sophomore slump" effect at work this time around. G&D was, in many ways, easy. The kids were excited to have a decent director and ecstatic to be a part of a show they knew was actually good. And now...they're taking it for granted somehow.

Current headache: I do not have to be at rehearsal tonight and tomorrow - it's music rehearsal only. But I came up with the bright idea to have a talk with the cast, air some of these issues, get things cleared up and put away (will you or nill you, my pets). I thought tomorrow night. But [music director] quite rightly believes the sooner the better. Especially since so much of the animosity is focusing on her.
But - I wasn't planning on going to Stillwater. I rode the bus in today. I have to pick up Cajones for the directors meeting tonight. I should be there by 7:30.

It's not impossible. I just don't know the best way to accomplish it.

And now my whinging is done.
For the moment.
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