Well shit

Jul. 9th, 2004 09:24 am
windelina: (pensive)
I'm depressed this morning.

We went over to the house last night to re-key the locks.
And the house had been broken into.

Now the house is empty. Easy target. Nothing for them to take.

But we hadn't even had it ONE DAY.

They broke in a basement window and came in that way. They took the water purifier off the kitchen sink. No other damage done.

So, I took the locks off and went to get them re-keyed but some woman had brought in like twelve sets to re-key and I was impatient and upset, so I just bought new key sets. And we went back and installed them.

So, I need to get the block windows installed ASAP. And look into a security system.

Monte was just furious. I don't think he's ever experienced a break-in of any sort. I'm just depressed and resigned. I hope this isn't some sort of sign. Maybe it's getting it out of the way right at the beginning? After all the burglaries and vandalism the last time I owned a house, I'm twitchy about this.

Nothing to do about it, of course. Except clean and paint and go on as we meant to. Except the block windows will get done before ANYTHING gets moved into the house.


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