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You want a mouse-roller-ball. I get you a mouse-roller-ball. "Well, I don't know if I can use it. It's different than the other one I was playing with."

You are the most disorganized, needy, demanding, flake of a flake-head. I find it hard to respect you, especially when you can't bloody communicate with me in any effective manner!

We are not a good match.

How about you stop whining about how you need to bill more hours and actually bill the hours you work? You're here till 10pm several times a week. You work over the weekends. How do you have no hours to bill? Could it be that you are too "nice" to bill your clients for the work? Or are you embarrassed to admit how long it takes you to do things?

"I'll take every phone call. Every phone call is a chance for work." Well, that's nice, but if you take every phone call when are you going to finish the work you've already contracted to do??

And a few more irritants:
Why do you need to walk into my very small cubicle to hand me stuff? I have a ledge. I have an inbox. You don't need to leave stuff on my chair, I will find it when you put it where it belongs. "Where it belongs" does NOT mean randomly on my desk. Also, don't sit at my desk and rearrange my things just so you can write me a post-it note.

And, in conclusion, could you stop yelling directions or questions to me from your office? It's rude to the other office dwellers. And when I can't hear you, I have to get up and go to your office to ask. Is there a reason you can't send an email? Use the intercom? Or get off your butt?
Oh, wait - don't get off your butt, because if you come out here you'll just invade my space again!!

This is why one ought not to work for a person less intelligent than oneself.
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Don't bother me. I don't care about you. I'm not interested in accomplishing anything. I just want to eat junk food and watch movies.

When is Omegacon?
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Well, as the crises have reared themselves with the play, my angsty disinterest has faded into the background.
I don't have time to bemoan my state when I'm trying to figure out how to get the set built, the costumes made, the kids to do the right dance steps, and keep it all on budget.

I think I am getting really sick of my job here though. Well, not "really sick" but I find myself rolling my eyes more and more.

Even when given something to do, I procrastinate and go read lj instead.

So, news on the theatrical front:
1. Tech person flaked in the most flakiest of fashions. For the past month, damned near nothing has been done to build the sets. They should have been nigh on complete, and instead we're having to shift into Panic Mode. She either calls and cancels set working time because she's "sick" or there's a "meeting she forgot about". On Monday she did show up but she had her new pot-bellied pig (!) in tow and had to take him home right away. (WTF? Why did you bring it in the first place?) And on Tuesday she was a no show without even a call to give a reason. Oyoyoy.

So, Dave is working his ass off. Frost is throwing himself on the grenade. And I'm crossing most of my limbs that everything works out okay.

2. My Lucentio improves every time we run it. But he's constantly gone for one reason or another so we have this problem, see.

3. Lois is also improving, but her physicality is still so tomboyish. Still working on it.

4. Clean movement overall is a problem. Clear choices. No shuffling. No random gestures. And then the opposite effect of them just standing there like statues without responding or reacting to anything. *sigh* High school. *shrug*

5. I have handed off a metric buttload of fabric to parents who sew. Yay!! My sewing load is now approaching very manageable.

There has been improved focus throughout this week as the looming threat of Opening Night approaches. Did a little feel-good thing with the cast last night where we all said one reason we like being in the show. Then I told them to hold on to that one reason because the next two weeks...oy. If I had one more week, I could be totally confident of getting things solid. But ain't that always the way with theatre? "If only I had just one more week."

I miss Monte. I'm ready to have some free time. I'm really looking forward to the orchestra concert. And Omegacon.
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How easily a decent, content mood can be shat upon.

I'm kicking myself for being lazy about picking up a new process here at work. Apparently, I somehow missed the rollout or announcement or something to tell me that yes, we're using this new system now and here's how to use it.

I'm supposed to be ahead of the learning curve generally, and yet I was lazy and not on top of this.

Hm. Let's face it. When I know how something works, I'm pretty content to keep using it as long as it keeps doing what I need it to do. So, I'm not that much of an innovator if I'm not feeling any pinch points.

So, I'm feeling stupid and like a failure - for something really SMALL! (Shut up. I do not have perfectionistic tendencies. Shut. Up.)

I'm on it now, so I guess that's a good thing.

I'm also kicking myself for eating a big lunch of pasta and cheese and bread when I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.
But I'm not kicking myself as hard about that one. I'm too torpid.


Sep. 30th, 2004 11:58 am
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wherein I whine and ramble )

I stopped on the way to rehearsal (didn't need to be there till 7pm) and saw the now-christened-Squishy. He makes terrific old man faces. Very "get off my lawn". Visited very briefly due to incipient rehearsal, but I hope to make another stop-by on Saturday.
This is the first rehearsal where I didn't get everything done that I'd planned on. Ah, well.

And I'm not prepared for tonight. Not yet. I'll be blocking and choreographing over lunch.

Got home from rehearsal and Monte gave me all sorts of support: a listening ear, a sounding board and also a cider. Num! Cider!

I need to be enjoying this more. I mean, really, it will come out fine. Some things will be better than G&D, some will be worse. I'm learning alot and doing things better than before. The kids are frustrating, but fun. And when I get it right - and I frequently do - it feels really damned good.

I'm good at this, dammit.

And I'm doing a better job of keeping on top of the other aspects: the set, the orchestra, the marketing (the posters are much better this time around).

I think if I were more satisfied within myself, I would be more satisfied with this experience. Very telling. Bears mulling, pondering and eventual acceptance.

And fuckall - it's a GREAT score and a really funny script. Even if I screw it up royally, it will still be entertaining.


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