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Sometimes I am dumb.
I have been cranky and out of sorts all day. I've felt vaguely ill and very sleepy.

I started daydreaming and planning about getting food on the way to rehearsal...what would I get? Would I have time to get something?

And it dawned on me.
I'm hungry.

Why would I be so hungry?
Well, last night dinner was at 6pm and consisted of cheese-n-peanutbutter crackers and chocolate covered donettes.
Breakfast was a Pepsi.
Lunch was some left over sugar wafers I had in a drawer (I spent lunch cutting out bodices).


Then it dawned on me - it's 4pm. I'm here for another hour, I've got nothing to do...why not go get some food now?

Sometimes I'm so frikkin' brilliant it almost hurts.

So, yeah. I just ate a chipotle and suddenly the world is a better place.
Now, if the sun would just come out. Just for a half-hour...

Shout outs:
- [ profile] lucyruthe: Good luck with getting those braces off! How exciting!
- [ profile] ethel: Did you get a bit of love in the mail from Omegacon?
- [ profile] fr0st_s1mul4t3d: I got stuff for you from Dave.
- [ profile] jklumpp: I may not be at movie night on Sunday. Tons to do. How do we best arrange payment and handoff?
- [ profile] fairoriana: Welcome home! My envy knows a few bounds, but not many.
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I sent my older estranged brother a birthday card (his birthday was yesterday).
Yes, this would be the one that is currently in prison.
The father of the ultra-fantastic Brandon.

There's alot wrong with him, but he's not completely hopeless like my father is. Also, if he's a butthead to me it doesn't wind me up nearly as much as dealing with my father.

Ahhh...smell the family drama.

But still, I bet getting mail when you're in prison is always nice.

Speaking of mail, I got a letter from Hedgie!! And it had secret prizes in it!

(Please note how accurate my little sun-icon is. When I'm hungry, it knows that I probably want cookies.)
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My mood and my confidence have increased since my whine-fest of earlier in the week.

Largely because - as I suspected might happen - I've gotten through creating most of the blocking and choreography now. I've even had a chance to go back and revise some blocking and choreography I wasn't happy with.
After tonight, there is only one scene left to block (the last scene in the show). Not complex at all, actually. Oh, and one goofy little dance interlude to figure out.

But I have till next Wednesday.

So, my week of coming home from rehearsal and having to put in another 2 hours (either late night, early morning, or over lunch) is done.

My mood is tipping back to the "gosh I'm clever" side of the spectrum again.

And after a bunch of "quiet downs!" last night, I came up with a new plan to keep control and get attention at rehearsals.
(I will NOT use a whistle. I was in a show where the music director did that for one night. He stopped after one night because I believe he saw the incipient homocide in our eyes.)
I cannot whistle myself, so that's out.

Instead, I will launch into "OooooooooOOOOoOAK!-lahoma, where the wind goes sweeping down the plains..."

That oughta get their attention. And it will feel less angry than hollering "hey!!" every five minutes.

Alas, we are not going to Duluth this weekend. But this is actually a positive. The thought of leaving town was doing more to stress me out than to make me happy, at this point. It also means we can attend Ms.Ethel's Iron Alcohol Party. Yay!
I would like to go to Duluth some time. I've never been.

Of the few minutes I saw of the debates (till I get that tape from Mr. Kingsley), my favorite moment was Kerry, in essence, saying that the President's plan for Korea/China was stupid and reminding people that Bush has a problem with the truth.
And the moderator turns to a rebuttal from Bush (huge paraphrasing): "Do you have anything to say? He brought up Truth. Do you have a response? Does that bother you?"
And Bush...has no real response. It's not like he delivered a decisive statement either. He didn't say, "I have stated my plans, I believe they are sound, I feel no need to respond."
No. He stuttered. He fumbled. He dropped the ball hugely.

Look, vote for Bush if you want. It's your right (and I will defend your right to do so). But don't try to tell me he's any good at public speaking or speaking extemporaneously (does he even know what that word means?).
Now, the fact that you want the "leader of the free world" to look like an uneducated ass in most public situations is your own choice...


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