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I popped the blister.

Now what do I do to fill the next 5 hours?

I've asked to work the early schedule Friday and next week. It's probably fine. I hope so, because I really need to be out at the theatre early!

My eyes are all stingy, dry and achey today.
Maybe I'll buy some eye drops.
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You want a mouse-roller-ball. I get you a mouse-roller-ball. "Well, I don't know if I can use it. It's different than the other one I was playing with."

You are the most disorganized, needy, demanding, flake of a flake-head. I find it hard to respect you, especially when you can't bloody communicate with me in any effective manner!

We are not a good match.

How about you stop whining about how you need to bill more hours and actually bill the hours you work? You're here till 10pm several times a week. You work over the weekends. How do you have no hours to bill? Could it be that you are too "nice" to bill your clients for the work? Or are you embarrassed to admit how long it takes you to do things?

"I'll take every phone call. Every phone call is a chance for work." Well, that's nice, but if you take every phone call when are you going to finish the work you've already contracted to do??

And a few more irritants:
Why do you need to walk into my very small cubicle to hand me stuff? I have a ledge. I have an inbox. You don't need to leave stuff on my chair, I will find it when you put it where it belongs. "Where it belongs" does NOT mean randomly on my desk. Also, don't sit at my desk and rearrange my things just so you can write me a post-it note.

And, in conclusion, could you stop yelling directions or questions to me from your office? It's rude to the other office dwellers. And when I can't hear you, I have to get up and go to your office to ask. Is there a reason you can't send an email? Use the intercom? Or get off your butt?
Oh, wait - don't get off your butt, because if you come out here you'll just invade my space again!!

This is why one ought not to work for a person less intelligent than oneself.


Oct. 14th, 2004 12:28 pm
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I'm definitely feeling the pall of this job. Now - is it a phase? A conditional outlier? A harbinger?

Today the word that makes me giggle is "lumber". Say it. It's fun! Especially when you picture the meaning associated with a type of walking, instead of pieces of wood.


Rehearsal was good. Wish we had another week.

I cannot thank my lucky stars enough at how many parents have stepped up to help sew things! Oh my! The amount of fabric I have handed off! Of course, I need to keep my schedule loose enough to deal with any unexpected returns-unfinished-projects.
Corduroy is on sale and corduroy is a good fabric. I like corduroy.

Home later than intended, up later than intended reading. Sleepy. Feeling rather on top of things with the play right now. I've got things scheduled, I have a plan and timeframe to address and fix things, the set is progressing far more rapidly than our luck on that front would seem to allow. Lucentio gets better every night and it's clear that he really cares and wants to do a good job. He's just so reserved! I can't tell if Lois/Bianca is getting better or if I'm just getting used to her. Gonna fix the major choreographic mess points tomorrow, yep.

Today is [ profile] cajones birthday. Tomorrow is his party. Saturday is the MISFITS Meeting and the St Paul Chamber Orchestra (and Annie's Parlor!). And shopping for fabric! And Sunday is sewingsewingsewing.

I need to get the Omegacon letter out. And the bills for my lawyers. I'll do that this afternoon. First, I will take a rather early lunch (for me), and go eat my sack-lunch in the breakroom while reading fantasy literature of no particular redeeming quality.

Oh! Note to self: start giving thought to the auditioning workshop...


Sep. 27th, 2004 01:42 pm
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It seems like I am always tired, unmotivated, worn down. There's usually a good reason (I'm very busy, I was up late choreographing, [ profile] star5's party was too much fun...), but still.

I'm getting old, of course.

And then there's just acknowledging that if I were in better shape, I could maintain the pace easier.

My plan to get to work on time fell off sharply during the Sick Period, and I need to get back on that.
I got a voicemail from my supervisor this morning about it. She didn't come talk to me. She didn't meet with me. An email would've felt less passive-aggressive, frankly. "It causes a morale problem. And it bothers the attorneys." Really? What attorney would that be? Not the two of my three who never make it in before 9am. Not the last of my three who is so low-maintenance that he doesn't know if I'm here or not unless I go in and say "hi".

I appreciate her viewpoint - I am a problem employee right now. And the thing is, I don't see it getting any better. Why can't I get to work on time? Because I'm not needed. I sit here, basically on call for any work that might come up. But I don't have enough to do and it's not likely to change.

This isn't about finding Yet Another Admin job. It's not going to get any better. I keep pondering this teaching thing. And hey - it'd be something new to do. But I'd have to commit the time to do it - I'd pretty much have to stop doing theatre during the process. And then there's the money.

Gah. I'm cranky today. Everything I see makes me crankier. I shouldn't try to analyze things in this mood.

One piece of good news: We finally have a pit conductor for KMK. (Dennis Lindsay finally said yes, PiedPiper)


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