Jan. 5th, 2005

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Last night was productive in many odd ways.
I went home and told Monte that I had spent money. [Monte mock-scowl] Only $5. [Monte raised eyebrows] On a soundtrack. [For what?] Kal Ho Naa Ho, that Bollywood movie we watched at the Watchtower. [Hey! Cool!]

Monte would make a good Bollywood star.

Monte cleaned his workroom and I puttered in mine, and we ordered pizza from a local place that was actually quite tasty.

And we watched the first three episodes of "24: Season 2". And then I watched the 4th episode this morning before work.

And because of "24", I will not be doing as much prep work for "The Crucible" as I ought to be doing because it is hypnotic and obsessing and engrossing.

I'm pleased to discover I still remember enough of season one to explain a few relevant points to Monte, who never saw it.

Tonight - production meeting for "The Crucible" where I will hopefully unveil Frost's set design, figure out the budget for the show, and find out some answers about who got paid what for "KMK". It will also be interesting to see how Josh interacts with "the boss" around. Maybe I'll discover some clue as to why they hired him.


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