Jan. 10th, 2005

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Turning everything into a for-profit business.

News media is now run for-profit, so it's not about doing the job - it's about making money. Keeping the bottom line nice and low.
So, news corporations don't pay for in-depth investigations. They're too expensive. The Watergate investigation would never happen today - too risky, too expensive.
If we don't need investigations, we don't need investigative reporters. Less people salaried. More of the employees can be inexperienced because they're cheaper.

See how this benefits nobody?

And now they're again talking tort reform wanting to cap medical malpractice awards to keep down insurance premiums. Except that perhaps it's not the awards that are the problem. Insurance rates are rising 33% this year (I may be misquoting, but it's still an egregious amount). Perhaps we should instead institute insurance reform? Insurance has always been a scam, but now it's really about making the money, not doing the job of insuring against problems.

But we don't want to reform business. We don't want to control it, oversee it, or limit it. Business is good for America.

It's just not good for the average American.

One of these days, I'm gonna cross over the line and become some radical socialist. I just know it.
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So, I have decided two things:
1. I have been inconsistent in my namecalling of the tech-o-dork.
2. He is likely to be worthy of mocking posts for at least the next two months.

Therefore...a poll!

[Poll #416078]


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