Jan. 13th, 2005

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The Washington Post reports that the Bush administration, which is raising $40 million in private funds for the most expensive inauguration in history next week, wants the District of Columbia, for the first time in history, to pay all of its own expenses -- estimated at more than $17 million. In order to do so, the district will be required to divert $11.9 million from federal homeland security funding earmarked for hospitals, firefighting equipment and transit command centers.

The city's costs include $8.8 million in overtime pay for police officers, $2.7 million to pay officers being sent from around the nation to help with the event, $3 million to construct reviewing stands and $2.5 million to place the entire city infrastructure on emergency status. More than 100 square blocks of the city will be closed to vehicular traffic for this first post-9/11 inauguration.

For all previous inaugurations, Congress has made a direct appropriation to the perennially cash-strapped city to cover most or all of its costs. Boston and New York also each got $50 million from the federal government to cover costs associated with last year's party conventions, although those are private events while the inauguration is an official celebration.

Critics from many quarters have asked whether it is even appropriate to have an extravagant, boisterous inauguration, given that soldiers are dying daily in Iraq and hundreds of thousands are still suffering the catastrophic effects of the South Asia tsunami.


I am so not surprised.

Remember: Bush originally offered 15 million to tsunami aid - less than HALF of what his inauguration will cost. I think we know where his priorities are.
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Well, we've been blocking things the last couple of nights. There are spots that I don't really like right now, but the point is to get the kids up and moving. Build the momentum and then worry about steering!

I need to work out blocking over lunch, just like I have the past two days. Today I need to figure out the last half of Act 3 - the act that has the most people in it. I may take paperclips with me and move them around the keep track of where everybody is!

I've also been talking to the kids alot - here in the beginning, where it might do some good - about character stuff. I'm making them come up with adjectives for their character. We talk about those. And then I tell them to think of an animal that would represent their character. And then think about how that animal moves - can they use that to help clarify their physicality? I've talked about how communication is mostly non-verbal, so their physicality is going to communicate as much, if not more, of their character to the audience. And then there's the discussion on "dialogue as action" - especially important in such a talky play that they understand the talking IS the action. It's been fun to see moments of "eureka!" littered amongst the usual dull gleam or short-attention span twitches.

I had a talk with Abigail about really playing both aspects - the seemingly "good girl" and the more hard "clique leader". I compared Abigail to Iago. And I've recommended they watch "The Majestic" to get a sense of what the Communist Witch Hunts were about.

Then I drive home and rather than prep for the next night, I go to bed and snuggle with Monte until we're warm. The cats help by trying to keep my face warm...by laying on it.

Friday night we are having dinner with Redbird, Saturday is the timeline meeting and anniversary dinner, Sunday is the space allocation meeting which I may or may not go to. I have Monday off. And I need to do some costume planning this weekend. REALLY.

But first - more blocking.


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