Jan. 21st, 2005

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Well, here are the quotes nobody has gotten yet.

1. "I guess we're not nice to know."
From one of my absolute favorite ghost movies, filmed in black and white, with a delightfully dry script and excellent special effects.
[livejournal.com profile] chebutykin once again proves her ruling stature by knowing The Uninvited. If you haven't seen this fabulous gem with Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey, go get it now!

3. "Ears to hear with." "Or fly with."
From a holiday movie, actually.

7. "Whatever happened to 'we rape, we pillage'?"
Think 80's b-movie with 80's b-rated stars.
[livejournal.com profile] chebutykin grabs another one with a guess. Yep, it's Ice Pirates! So bad, it's bad!

8. "Well, bon voyage."
Another classic b&w, a comedy this time, delivered in an ultimate way by one of the ultimate character actors.
[livejournal.com profile] ez3beve got this one - but it's practically cheating since she's my mom and watched me watch this movie and quote this particular line for days after.
Arsenic and Old Lace - as said by Peter Lorre.

Maybe that will help!
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So, last night I continued reading "Wicked" and we did financial planning.
How obvious.

We talked about our budgets and what we need to save for, so we are going to start little side savings for Conventions, Birthdays, and Travel (BNAT, Fringe, vacations). We're shifting some of the utilities around (more accurately, I'm taking more of them because I make more).
We set up a chore schedule for things we'd like to make sure are done on a regular basis. Sweeping and laundry being the top of the list.
I get to start taking voice lessons again.
And we need a lot more money in savings, unsurprisingly.

Then we ate mac-n-cheese and watched ROTK extras. Cuz I bought ROTK yesterday (for only $8! cuz I had a $25 gift card).

Possible vacations for the year:
- taking the week off for Fringe and getting Ultrapasses
- BNAT, as always
- CVG and Omegacon
and we'd really like to do a roadtrip to DC. Maybe over Memorial Day weekend? [livejournal.com profile] birdfigment and [livejournal.com profile] azure_armand, how would you feel about weekend guests? If you're even in town that weekend. It'd be nice to see you (regardless of sleeping arrangements) if we manage to make it!
I've got to do some research into that - check cost-of-fuel vs. airfare, admission fees to things, etc. But I've never been to DC and I've always wanted to go!

And we still need to finish up the wedding album purchase with our photographer (who was fantastic and we love her and we shouldn't be jerking her around like this).
And there's the impending More-Debt of grad school for teaching licensure too.

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] jklumpp, I wanna talk to you about grad schoolish things.
And WombatSocho! Are you gonna be at the Asylum tomorrow?!? I wanna pick your brain too!

Weekend plans are extensive:
- tomorrow I will accomplish things around the house that may include: working on the bathroom wall, making the last polar fleece curtain, taking down the xmas tree, clearing the porch of things that shouldn't be out there, re-arranging the upstairs hall closet (These are the possible projects, I do not intend to accomplish all of them. Obviously.)
- then I will go to the Asylum for movies
- Sunday is a concom meeting and the board elections, and then we're having a pubs meeting after
- And there's always Wick Movie Night
- And I should do some costume shopping for "The Crucible"


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