Feb. 10th, 2005

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Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind comes out on Feb. 22nd on DVD!!

Yay! Oh, feel my joy - the squeee-ness of it all!

Must. Have.
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Well, energy was up last night at rehearsal and there were some good things happening.
On the very LARGE minus side however is the fact that practically none of them are off-book yet. Which is just devastating to a play like The Crucible. I need them off-book so they can start to really TALK to each other, and loosen up their movement (and gestures) and use their props.

And I pointed out all of that to them last night. Along with the fact that if they fail, THEY are the ones who will be onstage in two weeks time - not me.

Good questions asked afterwards. And after rehearsal I finally set up a time to drop stuff off with Carolann. I feel like such a loser about this. I hope she'll still let me borrow costumes in the future! (Although I'll understand if she's hesitant to.)

Then I popped in the Kiss Me, Kate dvd and watched some of it. There are some frustrating camera angle choices, and the key moments happen offscreen a little too often, but it's better than alot of "home video" of theatrical productions. Except - the sound. The sound is completely washed out!!

I'm really really looking forward to watching Kismet this Sunday. I hope Movie Night regulars show up for it because I just love the music so much, I want to expose them all to it! And I'm a huge Howard Keel fan. The man was just dead sexy.

I'm behind on costuming because I've just been feeling so washed out and wrung out when I get home. And the exercise has been lackluster this week, partially because Monte has been exercising in the evenings. If he doesn't get up to exercise and help get ME up to exercise, I'm lost. (I'm NOT a morning person and I don't have time to exercise any other time of day right now.)

That's about it.


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