Feb. 15th, 2005

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Valentine's Day was a bit of an after-thought this year. It's tough with it being the day after my birthday. I got a really nice card for Monte well in advance, but hadn't really figured out a gift. So, the default gift: DVD. (Weird Al video collection) Still, the Jucy Lucy goodness made up for a lot.

Monte was also down because Paula died yesterday. He took the day off work and just puttered at home, so he wasn't in normally fine fettle. (Paula was his brother's girlfriend. They hadn't actually been dating in a while, but Paula had been adopted by the family. She was only like 21 and she died of cancer. And she was beautiful.)

I am definitely feeling a need to take some time once the show opens to show Monte how much I appreciate him. His understanding and patience with my crazy-ass life. His support and pride in my accomplishments. I couldn't love him if he asked me to change, but I can fully appreciate how wonderful he is for loving me just the way I am.

Rehearsal - good. Drag pageant rehearsal - also good. Tonight, singing rehearsal. And I must ramp up the sewing.

Much to do and alas - no real desire to do it.

But I get to have lunch with [livejournal.com profile] theseamster today!

Another random reminder: Housewarming on April 9th. There will be all sorts of crazy goings-on, so you'd better show up for some of it!


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