Mar. 25th, 2005

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Well, last night we finally finalized, finished, paid-in-full, are done with the Wedding Album. Our absolutely fabulous photographer (Wendy Woods) has been very patient with us, and we've given her full permission to mock our procrastination to all her other clients. The gods were smiling on us though - our procrastination resulted in goodness. She has a new book process that's about 1/3 the cost of the previous. So, where before we needed to shell out $1400 (we were going to be negotiating that down one way or another), last night I wrote a check for less than $500.

I am glad to have a nice wedding album, frankly. Part of me thinks it's a shameful waste of money. But darnit, it was a great event that I'm proud of, with alot of memorable moments and the only thing I'll have to show for it is a dress, some accessories, and the pictures.

Really cool? It'll have a metal cover.

And since it was only $500, I don't feel so damned frivolous about the whole thing. It also means that I've got a few spare hundreds lying about. I'm feeling a need to pay down some debt. I want to make a random spurge-y purchase for me as well, but can't decide what I should buy.

- There's the always popular DVDs (finish up my Buffy and Angel sets?)
- The porch swing (sounds like the in-laws are getting that for us as a housewarming gift)
- A flat screen monitor for home (how sad is it that I want one to save desk space?)
- An ipod

I could also do something more sensible with it like
- get the sewing machines in for a tune-up
- take the kitties to the vet for a check-up (it's been too long really - bad pet owner!)
- save it up for some house project this summer, like doors or windows or a patio

You know what...I'm gonna make this a poll. I get more responses that way. (People like clicking buttons.)

In other news: we ate at India Palace and I had nummy peshwari naan. We watched 'Incredibles' extras. I need to do a buttload of choreography tonight. I'd like to go see The Dregs - it depends on how much asskicking I'm doing on the choreography.

Tomorrow - rehearsal (teach choreography). Easter eggs with in-laws. Doubledate with [ profile] s4 and [ profile] spacebug. I'd like to do some work on the bathroom too.

Sunday - maybe bathroom project in morning (while Monte is at church with his family). Family dinner with in-laws to celebrate spring birthdays (which would be Monte's, Joel's and his dad's). And hopefully Wick Movie Night, although I need to finish up the rest of the choreography for the show by Monday night, because Monday Tuesday and Wednesday are all for teaching choreography.

I'm stating my intention to paint my basement next Sunday, April 3rd. Assuming that this plan takes shape properly, expect a request for assistance, and socializing, closer to the date. (Painting's fun and easy!)
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I've taken my kitties' health off the "splurge" list. I've procrastinating about it far too long - in my defense, they've been remarkably healthy and happy and it's easy to put it off when they're like that.

There was also the challenge of getting their records - but I've finally tackled that little molehill and *fingers crossed* I should have them next week.

I've called Dr. Donna den Boer (on [ profile] rahna's recommendation) and she sounds like a complete sweetie.

So, once I've got the records in hand, I'll make an appointment and get them in for a check-up and any "maintenance" required.

I'm feeling all productive. Must be spring.

Hey Wired!

Mar. 25th, 2005 12:08 pm
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Where do you take your sewing machine for a tune-up??
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So...if Terri Schiavo dies today...

I'll stop right there.


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